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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Monsanto and Obama Franken Food

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One of the things I admire about past presidents in history is the strength of their convictions.  They were men that had an idea of what was best for the nation and acted accordingly.  George Washington proved his convictions during the long years of the Revolutionary War and never gave up the fight for America.  Even as the largest brewer of whiskey he cut down the Whiskey Rebellion during his presidency.  Andrew Jackson tossed the bankers out of the United States Treasury when they thought they owned the American peoples currency and thus owned the government.  Abraham Lincoln led the nation into a civil war that was about states rights but stuck to his convictions that slavery was wrong and thus ended it in America with the 16th amendment to the Constitution.  Teddy Roosevelt saw that the way American's were being treated by the people supplying food to the nation was wrong and broke out his big stick and signed into law the Pure Food and Drug Act which is what we call the USDA and FDA today.

The USDA is charged with keeping a safe food supply for the American people.  The FDA is charged with making sure that drugs used to treat the people are safe.  That sounds great on paper but what if the agency is riddled with people from a company that does not care about food safety or drug safety.  If you look at the list of department heads at the USDA and the FDA it looks like a class reunion for Monsanto.  If you used to work for Monsanto, the USDA needs your help.  Everyone else... We are not hiring.

President Obama campaigned on food safety and the GMO issue during his first election.  GMO is Genetically Modified Organism.  That is where Monsanto takes a plant and screws up the DNA of the plant so that one type of bug won't eat it.  In that respect, they could also make the same plants that you eat an issue to your health.  Everyone loves corn, Monsanto loves corn, so they made it better so that you don't have to spray certain pesticides on the corn by making the plant create that same pesticide inside of its own genetic coding.  Would you spray pesticide on your food before serving it to your family?  Pass the potato's and the DDT please.  Tastes just like butter. 

Michael R. Taylor was appointed as a deputy commissioner to the FDA by President Obama during his first administration.  He was a former LOBBYIST for Monsanto that fought long and hard for his company.

Michael Taylor then led the ban on labeling of GM products all together. This was labeled “the principal of substantial equivalence” which prohibits any distinction to be made between GM and traditional products. Regardless of any testing or lack there of on the possible effects of GM foods used for human consumption.

He left the FDA in 1994 and a few years later became Monsanto’s Vice President in charge of lobbying in Washington. As a lobbyist, Taylor argued AGAINST the Delaney Clause, one of the foundations of food safety regulation that prohibits cancer-causing chemicals to be added to food. - Veterans Today 

The major point of this article is not to beat up Monsanto, well maybe it is.  My point is that the control of industries that are harmful to the American people's food is owned by the USDA and the FDA.  Those are agencies the President and Congress oversee.  What does it tell you if the majority of people working in high positions of each agency are former Monsanto lobbyist or high level employees?  It tells me that the oversight of Teddy Roosevelt signed into law was tossed out with the baby and the bath water.  As a consumer and a person that eats food, you need to be aware that the food coming to your local grocery store is not what you parents or grandparents purchased to feed their children.  Franken Food is what it is. 

There is an old story about Irish immigrants that were mocked, treated badly, could not get jobs, and were considered scum of the earth here in America.  We Irish banded together in the late 1800's and started electing our grown educated children and family into public office.  In doing so we changed the face of American politics forever to meet our needs and not the people that mocked us.  Monsanto appears to be taking the same lesson and using it for profit inside the USDA and the FDA.

It is time for this president to clean house that report to him and stand strong for his people.  I so wish President Obama would have the guts and integrity of Washington, Jackson, and Teddy Roosevelt, and toss out the people that are selling out our food supply safety for a profit.  It is time for change and we need to make that message loud and clear.

What can you do?  Sign this petition to stop Monsanto by asking the President to veto HR933.  Click here to sign the petition.

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