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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Missouri Ban on Gun Ban Legislation?

Someone in the Missouri House of Reps thinks it would be a good idea to make it a felony for any state government representative to propose legislation against anything to do with gun bans in Missouri.  Can we all assume that that idea is a really bad idea because it demands that we toss the first amendment to the constitution out the window to defend the second amendment.

Legislation introduced Monday by state Rep. Mike Leara, a Republican from St. Louis, thinks it should be illegal and a class D felony for his fellow legislators to propose any bill that would restrict any gun ownership in Missouri.  Sorry Mikey, you can't make a law banning legislators from LEGISLATING LAWS.  It is what we the people vote them into public office to actually do.

I did a quick search and I could not come up with an actual bill on the statehouse web site that Leara claims he submitted.

Constitutionally, it is a lame bill if ever there was one.  We really need to get some people that actually think before they act in the Missouri State house.  Somebody should seriously consider getting a logical group of folks together on something called a committee to come up with some common sense ideas that will actually work.  Submit those ideas to the governor and let him duke it out with the people in the house.  Past that, people like Leara would bring back the Guillotine and have a field day at the cost of the United States Constitution.  


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