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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Healthcare Boiled Over Debate

Anyone with a heartbeat has something to say on healthcare for all Americans or they damn sure as hell should have an opinion. From business owners that have seen the gross profiteering from their health care insurance providers to the employees of those same businesses that have seen their own cost rise but services cut. The only people winning are the mega structures built to provide a new home to the next generation of Robber Barons. And yet an industry that claims that they can police themselves is recording record profits while the rest of America is losing its shirt? Does that make any sense to you?

Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican bastard to industry and that is a political and historical fact. He saw a wrong, it was un-American for the times and he sure as hell fixed it. He carried his big stick and broke up the Robber Barons for a reason, they were killing the American economy. When any industry Robber Baron thinks that they are so powerful that the laws and the liberty of all Americans is no longer of their concern because they believe to have omnipotent power, then it is up to a strong President and Federal Government to protect the American people from them.

Capitalism in America is a funny business, sometimes it serves the many but often it serves the few. There is nothing wrong with any company making a profit to survive. If I were a CEO then that would be my objective one hundred and ten percent. We are talking health care though, not gas, not steel, not oil and things that could be commodity driven. Just health care is being discussed here and frankly I have to agree with Teddy Roosevelt that it is time to take out the federal government big stick and knock the sons of bitches down a notch. As the system stands now, you would have to work for your employer and forsake all of your wages twenty years from now just to see your doctor for the sniffles. Pay your soul to the company store for anything worse than that.

Reality is simple, do the math yourself. The more people without health care means that the cost to you will rise further and higher than it has in the past. People will look back kindly when co-pays only increased twenty percent per year. Health Care CEO’s will take hundred million dollar plus bonuses and wonder how they will increase their pay the next year?

Meanwhile, ten of millions of our fellow Americans will go without regular care, never see a doctor till the cost of care goes into the millions and the sun will shine the next day regardless of political opinion one way or the other. Just make sure you wear your sunglasses as you pass the conglomerate skyscraper HMO built to make sure you get your health care bill emailed, faxed, debited from your checking account, or sent to your cell phone before you even get home from your doctor.

The health care industry is broken. It isn’t the nurses and doctors that give the care fault. It’s the white shirts in a huge glass building hundreds or thousands of miles away from the table that you sit on where they ask you to roll up your sleeve or stick out your tongue. It’s not even the emergency room hospitals fault either. Most hospitals according to some reports have to waive the bills and eat the cost of caring for people without health insurance. Where do you think that cost gets passed on to? That two dollar treatment such as Aspirin or other medication of equal cost ends up costing $250 on an insurance form from the ER.

It is time for a Teddy Roosevelt big stick. Hell yes! President Obama needs to speak softly and carry a big stick when it comes to healthcare reform. Is that not one of the biggest reasons we voted to elect President Obama and a Democrat controlled Congress? I believe we have the votes to get it done so what is the problem? Just get the job done and lets move on to the next issue!


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Blogger sue said...

Matt, you are saying it as plain as can be said, but according to the rightwing bloggers, we are dead wrong! Its like talking to a brick wall, so we just pray Obama is hearing us, the sane ones, and Gets It DONE!!!!! I love us!!!

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obam hears you loud and clear and I am sure he is just smitten with it.

Here is a letter I wrote to congress just in case it gets deleted again.

Dear Congress,

I know many people are against this bill. I am just so pleased to hear that all members of congress have agreed to sign onto the same plan. Therefore it must be a really good plan.
Also I was happy to see that there is a provision that will give seniors the care and attention they will need to help them live a long and healthy life.
I am looking forward to enjoying top notch medical care that will cost us so much less and give us so much more quality. Right now I am on a 2 week waiting list for a sonogram. I feel that is too long to wait and I trust the government will see to it that I never have to wait that long for future testing.

Thank you for looking out for all of us. I take much comfort in knowing the future health of all Americans are in such capable hands.
I will be sure to let all my friends and family know they are in for the biggest success story in this nations' history.

God Bless each and every one of the members of congress. I will be sure to tell everyone to vote for you all in 2010.


3:58 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...


Keep the faith.

One day a lemming will fly.


4:03 AM  
Blogger David said...

Obama's got the votes, but he's too obsessed with bipartisanship.

If he isn't going to achieve real health care reform now, then when?

During the campaign, he promised tax credits for companies that hired Americans in 2009 and 2010. But that wasn't included in the stimulus package. Why not? He was obsessed with bipartisanship.

I'm a lifelong Democrat, but I can't help believing he's going to lose a lot of ground in Congress next year.

8:31 PM  

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