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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Selling Papamoka to Advertisers

I have to say that I love this blog to no end and I protect and defend its integrity to no end. Do we have some controversial posts? Yes we do! Do we make people think? Yes we do! Do we stir up the latest in thought when it comes to all things political? Yes we do! Does that make us controversial or just American’s with an opinion? Yes it does. But we still need to pay the rent.

Anywho, we are offering text link advertisements in the midst of one of our posts for a fixed amount for one year. Mind you, we are all over the world with visitors and your advertisement could be seen in Canada one day, Nebraska the next, Germany, England and China the next day. I would humbly point out to our ClustrMaps chart of visitors to see where Papamoka is in the world. Our feeds are linked in from all over the world and there is not a tracking device that can measure that traffic. And they only capture a fraction of the visitors to this site. We are everywhere and anywhere in America. This blog is unique in the fact that it is a middle of the road point of view but we do venture into the extreme opinion when we are passionate about any given topic. We reach the heartbeat of the issues and we always pose an opinion pro or con. Like it or hate it, it begins the discussion to deal with it. That is our mission here at Papamoka. Get the issues out, talk about them, and deal with them. Issues don't go away if you simply say they will go away and we present them front and center and get linked in by dozens of sites.

I’m reaching out for help to grow this blog into something that could be huge and an opinion source. Any of you billionaires (long shot) out there with some money (George Soros) to spare feel free to contact Papamoka to place an advertisement here. The rest of you that want to advertise feel free to contact us too. Everything in life is negotiable except the rent. That is a bill that has to be paid. I'm just a simple dad trying to keep the roof over his baby girls head.


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Blogger B.J. said...

I am a fan of Papamoka, Al Franken and Michael Jackson, so my plate is full this morning as I catch up on your blog!

Papamoka Straight Talk benefits when Papamoka posts.

Good luck with the billionaires.

Al Franken is a smart guy. (Didn’t he peg Rush Limbaugh as “a big, fat idiot?” Doesn’t he make Bill O’Reilly apoplectic?) Don’t look for the comedian side of Al on the Senate floor. He will take his new job seriously.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. My favorite of your songs was “Man in the Mirror.” As I noted on my own blog, I believe, in that song, you wrote your own eulogy. Far too little is being said of your humanitarian contributions – the millions you gave to charities which help children. A good good-bye, Papamoka.


6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Soros is a criminal

10:16 AM  

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