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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson

Watching the news lately is pretty much like watching a car wreck with every single story. Michael Jackson passed away and everyone is looking to dig up enough dirt on the guy to bury the poor son of a biscuit eater ten million times over. Would I let Jacko baby sit my kids, hell no, but he was vindicated in the child molestation charges against him so just drop it. I don’t have the facts on the case, the media certainly doesn’t have all the facts on the case, so why are they bringing this facet of his life up over and over again? They do so because it adds drama to what would just be an obituary of yet another mega star that passed too soon.

When it comes to creating a new music industry Michael Jackson was the king of pushing the envelope till it burst and then some. Michael made millions off of his innovations’ and rightfully so. Michael Jackson was the first to come out with a storyline to a video going back to his Thriller album and it changed the music video industry. Michael Jackson created new techniques for shooting video that changed the music video industry again. Michael Jackson transformed modern music performance from just a bunch of musicians performing on a stage to an extravagant and memorable event to attend.

My heart goes out to the entire Jackson family at the time of their greatest loss. Michael was a kind hearted spirit, troubled with a world of success that he could never control. I thank him for the music he gave the world and I thank him for making the world a place where you found yourself humming or trying to sing one of his songs.

Some folks like to bash Michael for being an oddity in the world. Pick out a billionaire that can’t afford to be odd and I will ask you to ask them what they are hiding. With great wealth comes strange personality traits. Michael Jackson’s only fault was that he was kind, not a fighter, and never one to attack anyone. Maybe he surrounded himself with a bunch of yes men that should have said no but that is for time to tell. Thus, it is up to simple folks like me and you to thank him for the music and tell all the detractors to shut the hell up. Would you speak that ill of your own family that passed? Everyone has skeletons in the closet so how about we clean out them closets or just keep that door shut? Nobody is perfect in this life and it’s useless to think that any single one of us is completely innocent. Can we let his three children bury their father with the respect and honor he deserves from them and just leave it at that?

Jump on board and tell me what your favorite Michael Jackson song or video was.

Thank you for the music Michael, it was and will be greatly appreciated for years to come. God rest your soul my friend.


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Anonymous del patterson said...

Great Entertainer no doubt; decent citizen, no.

Any guy on the street who sleeps with 10 to 15 yr olds would end up in prison (no matter the rationale); Michael walks away.

12:17 PM  

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