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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

America's Weak Link in Health Care Reform

Good Morning Papamoka Bloggers! When it comes to health care reform it appears the House of Representatives is doing a great job, especially my Congressman Henry Waxman. The weak link so far appears to be the United States Senate, and that's where WE THE PEOPLE have to apply pressure to make sure we get a viable public option.

As I've said in my earlier post, a viable public option is necessary to drive down costs and to ensure fair competition in the health care market. Did you know that health care, along with baseball, is one of the few industries exempt from anti-competition, anti-trust laws? That's one of the main reasons why the costs are so high. It's well known that health insurance companies conspire and collude to drive up costs for sick Americans.

Did you also know that health care and pharmaceutical companies are some of the largest givers to national elections? Our representatives appear to be bought-and-paid-for these days thanks to a lack of reasonable campaign finance reform. It also seems that money creates a perfect storm of DC greed and corruption, making it very difficult for the American people to find a fair solution to this problem.

Forget the Republicans, for they are so deep inside the industry's pocket it's disgusting. Rank and file Republicans should be offended and repulsed by their leaders, but instead they seem to follow their every lead. Supporting our unfair, broken system seems to come natural to the GOP. It's beyond my reckoning. Personally I'm stumped why they support such an unfair system!

Now, for the Democrats. There are still a few that are undecided - probably due to big money contributions. We need to make sure they know what WE THE PEOPLE think. See the list below to identify the uncommitted Senators along with the industry money received so far - to see who you can lobby.

  1. Mark Warner, $69,000
  2. Harry Reid, $78,800
  3. Kent Conrad $78,800
  4. Joe Lieberman, $72,000
  5. Blanche Lincoln, $91,000
  6. Tom Carper, $58,450
  7. Evan Bayh, $66,100
  8. Michael Bennet, 2,000
  9. Dianne Feinstein, $44,000
  10. Mark Udall, $43,500
  11. Max Baucus, $141,250
  12. Ron Wyden, $40,750
  13. Mary Landrieu, $38,000
  14. Mark Pryor, $30,000
  15. Ben Nelson, $106,123

I already wrote Senator Feinstein a strongly worded letter. I hope you do the same if you see your own senator on the list, Yes, I'm asking you to please TAKE ACTION! WE THE PEOPLE need to step-up and make sure our elected officials do not abandon us during our time of need. Here is the tally for the entire Congress so far:

House 195 YES/6 NO/239 DON'T KNOW
Senate 37 YES/40 NO/22 DON'T KNOW
Combined 232 YES/46 NO/261 DON'T KNOW

What you see here means that we have a good shot at getting the legislation passed, but it also means we need to start lobbying the Senate hard NOW! We worked hard to get Hillary and Barack elected, along with dozens of other new Democrats, so why can't we use that same spirit to pass comprehensive health care reform? It's important for us all to do something!

If you still have doubts about the public option, despite all my rantings, you should take time to look at all the great sources available. One of my favorites (and it's honest, based on the primary candidate legislation now moving through the House Energy and Commerce Committee) is Stand with Dr. Dean - by Chairman/Governor/Doctor Howard Dean.

The site FAQ section is a great source for finding out everything you need to know - in easy to read bullet form. I also encourage you to sign the petition on the homepage.

This is one of the most serious issues I've ever been involved in. It's critical to the well-being of the American people, American families, and to the American economy. I beg you not to listen to the lies and the propaganda out there. They are deceiving you. Many of our own elected officials are hard at work deceiving us. Don't trust anybody! Do your own research.

All I'm asking is that you look at a variety of sources for information. If you do figure it out, and see that it will lower costs, create a better system, and help the economy, then please TAKE ACTION and contact one of your elected officials and make sure they know how you feel. We all need to do everything we can to make sure that we get legitimate health care reform and a viable public option.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
From Our Rants & Raves Blog

Editor's Note: If you wish to debate me personally on this subject, be sure to visit Our Rants & Raves blog where I will be hosting my own debate.

PS - There is information about how to contact our national elected representatives in the right margin of Our Rants & Raves blog. I hope you decide to help out. Thanks - Michael

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add to the cot of that the Carbon Tax Bill Pelosi is trying to push through by July 4th. So yet another democrat can line their own pockets with their "Green" ambitions and lobbyists.
They are all in it for the money and power not for us.
I know you think Obama/Pelosi wants this out of the goodness of their hearts but I can guarantee it's for power and control and more money for them.

4:23 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...


God love you for working so hard and for still believing in the power of the people.

I used the form on Dr. Dean’s site to write to my two U.S. senators, composing my own message to each. My two senators are Republicans Lindsey O. Graham and Jim DeMint. They won’t listen, but, by God, they will know where I stand.

I concluded my letter: “I hope you will take the moral high ground on this issue.”

The Dr. Dean site is most useful. Thanks for your post and the link to it.


7:00 AM  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

When I seen the photo of the guy holding a sign saying "I'm a Republican and ashamed of this GOP", it really hit home... because most of my voting life I voted republican, and that changed in 2004... Bush really pissed me off the worst I reckon! And now the SOB lives within walking distance from my damn home! But I sure as hell know how that guy feel's!

Yes ...Waxman is a hard worker!

As to what Anonymous said above, I frankly dont care what Obama's or Pelosi's thought's are on what they feel they get rewarded with. I am just so thrilled that someone is doing something about this health care mess to begin with! I'm a Texan... but lived in the UK(London) as well as Canada(Toronto and Montreal) before... and it isnt as bad as the GOP cut's it out to be as far as their health care over there.The GOP is using a "pitch" right now telling American's that we will have government deciding on our care etc. What folk's are not realizing though is right now..... we have a bunch of corporation's deciding on our care, and I know of working folk's that they find reason to drop left and right even though they alway's stayed up on their premium's... the insurance companies and their associate's are actually the dictator's here and really milking the hell out of America as well.

Thank You Sir..........

9:43 AM  
Blogger by Michael Boh said...

Thank you for the kind words BJ and Chimp. I really loved hearing your POVs. Let's hope for the best. MB

3:10 PM  
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