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Thursday, April 02, 2009

G-20 Outcome and Winner

Some people will say that President Obama diplomatically moved the world summit of economic leaders in a direction toward progress and others will say it was a disaster. If you look to the facts it was an American success story and a President that handled it with the cleverness of Thomas Jefferson. That summation isn’t entirely correct because he also handled the summit with the humility of Lincoln as well. That to does not work because the ideology of Wilson was present as well. It doesn’t matter, the end result is that President Obama was the focus of the summit but choose not to be and worked the politics of the summit to achieve his end goal. A consensus on where the world needs to go to focus on bringing back the world economy. Not even the best of detractors could argue with that point. Jobs in small town America sometimes depend on jobs thousands of miles away in a distant country. We are all stuck in an economy that is reliant on other nations whether we like it or not.

The real star of this G-20 summit was the love fest with our First Lady, Michelle Obama. Even the Queen of England broke protocol to hug her. Make no mistake about it, Michelle Obama is Barack Obama’s biggest weapon on toning down anyone that wants to argue about what the people around the world really think about America. Michelle could tame a lions den with a smile and just her presence. You have to love her for that and I do. If the Queen of England felt the need to embrace Michelle then that tells you a lot in itself. The Queen does not touch anyone and nobody touches the Queen. It just isn’t done! But it happened?

When I voted for Barack Obama I won and got a two fer. I’ll let him do all the political garbage and enjoy the love fest that America and now the world will have with his wife Michelle. She is just the perfect fit for the perfect politician for our times. Even the Queen of England wanted to hug her and I don’t blame her.

While her husband is making serious decisions that will change the way we look at our world from a business and environmental perspective, Michelle Obama, our First Lady, is winning the hearts and minds of millions of people every single day. Politically, Democrats, could not ask or hope for anyone better than Michelle Obama. God bless her, she is the hope and future that we all seek.

If we could just bottle the exuberance and love for Michelle Obama, then her husband could serve two terms and then she could serve the next two!

Needless to say, the reall winner of the G-20 Summit was Michelle Obama. She moved the people in a land not of her own. She won their hearts and her husband didn't do so bad either.


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Blogger sue said...

wow can you see it?? Michelle as the next President!! 16 years of Obamas in the White House, the repugs will go INSANE!! LOL!!! I'm so proud of Barack and Michelle, they act and look Presidential, we need them so bad. I pray for them too, and everyday that goes by I feel more and more at ease that he is moving this country in the right direction. Look how the world leaders are embracing them, they are welcomed, they are respected. America can once again be proud of her choice of President! We did GOOD!!

5:55 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm thinking that America now has its own Royal couple! I watched the town hall meeting in Strassburg and they absolutely loved President Obama.

2:37 PM  
Blogger sue said...

I watched alot of it today too, Our President and First Lady are like a breath of fresh air! Proud Democrats are we!

5:45 PM  

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