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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ghost Rider Presidency

All of the doom and gloom from all fronts on the news had me thinking that we have one hell of a tough road ahead of us all. President Obama hasn’t been shy in telling us the truth about that very fact. It’s going to be a tough road to ride but it is one we all have to go down. You don't fix a flat tire on your car if the rest of the car was totaled in the wreck.

Some of the folks out there are not appreciative to the facts that tough decisions and realistic choices have to be made. They have some elected officials actually calling for a revolution, armed revolt, and begging that our President fail. Representative Michelle Bachman last week actually sited Thomas Jefferson in her call for a little revolution now and then. She missed the intent of Jefferson but it fit her ideology at the time. In my eyes and ears that is treason by a member of our government but with Gitmo being shut down I fear they might incarcerate her somewhere comfortable and close to her high standards of living.

There is a very large difference on calling for a President’s impeachment as in the case of former President Bush, and the actual call to arms in a revolt of the current President. That got me to thinking that the people screaming the loudest in pain are the ones that have the most to loose. What do they have to loose you may ask? Huge tax cuts to the top of the income earners and corporations of America. And that my friends makes it pretty damn hard for any corporation to justify spending money on right wing political campaigns.

That brings me to the conclusion that we are on track to an economy built on fairness rather than let them all eat cake. Wall Street needs the bulls rounded up and given a fair policy before we let them loose on the china store we have of an economy again. Same goes for many other corporations. We have a ghost rider in the White House and he is not looking back as he moves the nation forward toward prosperity.

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