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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sidewalk Art

You have to love sidewalk artists. I was sent this link from Stumbleupon today. This is a must visit site to check out the full scale production of getting this entire piece of art completed. Check out LOL and have a ball...

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Blogger Nancy said...

The sidewalk artist who creates these amazing pieces of art on concrete is a delight. What a perfect job that must be. He gets to use his creative abilities outside in the sunshine; people walk by or stop to watch, commenting on his work, and those who appreciate his work leave money in a jar. Kinda makes me want to get out from behind my computer, go outside with my kids' chalk and create! That was wonderful. Thanks for posting that, Papamoka.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Your welcome Nancy. Glad you liked it. Let me grab my kids chalk sets and I'll join ya.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Oh my! Yes, that would be fun to partner up and create away!

5:46 PM  

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