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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bailout Extreme Abuse

I’ve decided that my New Year Resolution is to give up playing the lottery in hopes of winning a couple of million bucks. Instead, I’m going to save up and move my entire family to Edwardsville, Alabama. Small town, nice folks, somewhere our girls can grow up free of the big city influences, no crime, and they can just be kids.

I am a little concerned about our families sudden arrival in the community. There will be eight of us moving into town which would boost the population from 194 to 202 or just over a 4% gain. We might put a strain on the local school system but if we have to home school, then that is what we will have to sacrifice. Good parents always look for great opportunities for their children and having a small town that looks out for all of its citizens is a great start.

It’s all about the kids… umm and the $1.8 MILLION check each one of us would get from the proposed Obama Bailout.

Why a Tiny Alabama Town Wants a $375 Million Chunk of the Stimulus
By Amanda Ruggeri
Posted January 8, 2009

At first glance, the town of Edwardsville, Ala., with a population of 194 people, might raise a few eyebrows with its bid to receive $375 million from the economic stimulus package being assembled by Barack Obama and lawmakers in Congress.

The tiny town, located near the Georgia border and 26 miles from the nearest "big city" of Anniston (population: 24,276), added 33 proposals—about two thirds of them related to "green" energy—to the list of "ready- to- go" projects assembled by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Total sum: $375,076,200.

That comes out to nearly $2 million per Edwardsville resident, although E. D. Phillips, the town's representative to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, says the projects would affect a wider region that comprises about 80,000 people.
- US News

Don’t you dare tell anyone you read this. Just forget about moving to Edwardsville too! We got dibbs!


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