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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

BART Shooting and Profiling Gone Bad

I realize that being a police officer is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. I would never do it for a living myself but I sure as hell appreciate the men and woman that do seek out law enforcement jobs for a living. I apologize to the guys fishing in the Bearing Sea for crab but I don’t think that any Alaskan King Crab has ever fired a gun at you just because you have them about to go in the holding tank. Ergo you do not get the title of most dangerous job in America in my opinion. I love the crab folks but I have to go with serving in law enforcement anywhere as the most dangerous job in America. Then again, the tables can be turned and some of those in law enforcement can not or do not have the knowledge or training needed to do the job right.

Any true police officers last resort is to pull their weapon... Very LAST option. That isn't to say that they need to show force when force is needed. My own older brothers father in-law, God rest his soul, in almost thirty years of service in the Worcester, MA Police Department never once fired his gun in the line of duty. Thank God! Not for the people that he would have found the need to do so but for him.

Any idiot could unload a hidden gun against a police officer simply because he thinks the officer is going to take him in on a traffic stop and find out he is two months behind in child support payments. Pick a reason, idiots will never think before firing a gun at any law enforcement officer. That isn’t the case here. My friend Jeff over at Worm Town Taxi posted this video on his site and I stole it.

Profiling among police officers is clearly evident in our society just as much as young men ignorant of the law hate or run from all police officers. It is a fact that anyone of Hispanic or African decent will have their vehicle searched regardless of the reason of the stop simply because of the color of their skin. I’m not defending this practice but the chances are higher for a search of your vehicle the darker your skin color is. I’m Irish American white, I’ve been stopped many times in my life by police, not once has my car been searched. My best friend is black, his car has been searched pretty much every single time he has been pulled over. My other good friend is of Hispanic descent, yup, he gets searched every single time too. Mind you, neither one of my friends has a criminal record, matter of fact they are more lily white than me. Racial Profiling is real!

I defer to who these officers were at BART and who actually murdered the young man that was clearly defenseless and co-operating with the BART Police when an officer shot him. This is not a law enforcement agency that even the local police should look kindly on. Poor training that is not the training that real police officers receive to serve the public is to blame. Even here in the Northeast, Transit Police are a joke and the leftovers of what the local police would not consider as worthy to serve the public. AKA wannabe cops! But they have a badge, a uniform, and a gun that can kill.

Oscar Grant died New Years Day not because he was not submissive enough to the BART officers that apprehended him but simply because someone had no clue as to how to do their job. The kid was subdued by multiple officers, he was very much under control, and this was murder no matter how you look at it.

Bart Police shooting in Oakland, CA KTVU report…

You Tube Video Link

One thing is certain in this case, Oscar Grant’s family lawyer John Burris has a clear open and shut case that the BART officer was negligent and murdered this young man. Video is flowing into Burris office from multiple sources on the event. Law enforcement has just entered the digital age from the victims angle more than ever. Thank you Karina Vargas for telling the tale with your video from your cell phone and telling the story of Oscar Grant and his last moments of life. And to the unknown gentleman that actually captured the shooting with his cell phone that has submitted it to Oscar Grant’s lawyer.

All I have to say on this is that their was no reason for this 22 year old man to die. The people that were subduing him had the situation under control and there was not one reason why this BART officer needed to pull his gun. NOT ONE!

My thoughts and prayers are with Oscar Grant and his family. His life was worthy enough to grow old and create many of memories and this was wrong There was no need for him to be shot and killed. NONE! One reason to consider is where the taser gun is located and where the gun that shoots bullets is located on officers that carry them both. The officer from BART is claiming that he reached for his Taser. I am NOT buying that story!

If you are in Law Enforcement, back me up with a comment! You deserve a voice on what is right and what is just wrong and poor training by wannabe police officers.


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Blogger hANOVER fIST said...

It's beyond words...this was a flat-out EXECUTION.


I'd like to hear the excuses for this - fire away, nitwits!

1:11 PM  

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