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Monday, January 05, 2009

Israel and Gaza Conflict

Outside observers like myself or you will probably never understand the conflict going on between Israel and Gaza simply because we do not live with the stress of two people not wanting to ever be neighbors. There is an extreme sense of hate between these people and yet when it comes to living and working they rely on not just one another business wise but also as people trying to earn a living and cohabitate. Then you toss in extremist opinions and outside influence that feeds weapons to both sides and you have one hell of a time bomb that someone will set off.

At times like these I wonder how the conflict between England and Northern Ireland would have ended up if people with weapons of mass destruction would have supplied both sides just to see how the weapons work. What is the kill factor on this missile? How does this weapon work? I’m not saying that people are experimenting where the fire is the hottest but it does make one wonder how the weapons that the people of Gaza are getting hold of to launch into Israel? These kinds of weapons do not grow on trees!

I grew up with a father that hated the English so bad he went to his grave with that hate instilled. He never met anyone from England or Great Britain, but he hated them anyway. That hatred was instilled in him from the time he was a child here in the United States by his own father. His father was a fighter in Ireland in the early 1900’s against the English and I can’t be sure of what acts he committed out of his hate but he immigrated to the United States the same year the Titanic sank. It was that or be caught and hanged. The hate managed to make the swim across the Atlantic. I thank God that my mother was not party to that same hatred and broke the cycle of unquestionable hate. Mind you, I am still very proud of my Irish heritage but that is a post for another day.

Personally, I am proud of my Irish heritage but I am more proud of the Irish back in my families homeland that managed to find peace. It isn’t something that can be stuffed down your throat, you have to want it, believe in it, and make it happen. The two sides in Northern Ireland found a common ground, worked out a treaty for long term peace, worked on that peace, are living that peace. Bombs are not going off killing innocent people, and troops are not forced to shoot to defend themselves against angry mobs. People and children are living a peace and surviving to smile and love another day. That is the desire that the people of Gaza and Israel need to come to realization with.

No outside influence can demand peace for Israel or the people of Gaza. It has to come from within and if it does not, then they will continue to war against one another. Neither Israel or Gaza is innocent in this latest altercation and battle. Each side sees their own reason for the fight but each side will fill graves because of the idiocy of pride. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth will only go so far till everyone is blind and toothless but nobody is listening in the Middle East. Thus the battle continues full of hate.

It takes guts to fight, but it takes a stronger virtue to find peace. That virtue is within reach but they have to face the fact that no amount of graves will end this war between them.

I pray for peace between Israel and the Gaza Strip people. And yet I know that is truly up to them. No amount of diplomacy can end it till someone takes their damn fingers off of a trigger on a gun or missile.

Just if you were wondering, I am pro Israel for defending itself.


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