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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Far Right is Choosing Lies Over Unity

Hello Papamoka Bloggers - The far right has grown even more vocal than usual over the past two months. I realize they're sore losers, but they seem to be accusing Obama and the Democrats of whatever pops into their minds. They're even more illogical and tiresome than usual.

My theory is they smell blood. What blood? A weakness in voter logic. The Clinton and McCain campaign's limited success at harming Obama by linking him to perceived radicals has obviously tweaked their interest. Guilt by association resonates with voters! They see it as a new way to harm Democrats.

In the same way Karl Rove and George Bush drove their fanatics over the past eight years using wedge issues like gay rights and stem cell research, younger Republican strategists are using innuendo to drive scandals using that great American icon - the ROLODEX.

They're using random relationships and speculation as chum to brew new scandals daily. Facts are irrelevant. Since the election they have "chummed-up" the "OBAMA RECESSION," "ELECTION FRAUD" in Minnesota, and numerous other "OBAMA SCANDALS" involving people like Blagojevich and Richardson. Again, facts be damned. It's insanity, but then again it is the far right.

Oh well, I thought they might learn from their defeat, but if the past two months are any indication of their intentions, it appears there will be no coming together as a nation. They will probably continue to use the strategy, and the media will continue to feed from the Republican trough, for as long as it gets them attention.

It's incredible! The election is over, they were beaten very badly, but they still keep fighting. They're like junkyard dogs! Not the funny kind, but the sad kind.

They have decided not to cooperate. Instead, they are determined to paint Obama and his team as corrupt. The corporate media is cooperating by giving their wild speculation air time. The heresay and speculation has grown beyond FOX. The far right is determined to deny the Democrats any respite. They are determined to play dirty to the end.

Republicans get away with war crimes while Democrats are criticized because they associate with one another. The media ignores real scandal while responding to the smallest perception of scandal encouraged by Republicans who seek to prey on weak-minded voters. Unless things improve, the world today seems ass-backward, illogical and dark.

No matter how low they go, it doesn't change the fact that the country voted for Barack Obama to fix the problems caused by the Republicans. That is undeniable. The people want CHANGE! The rantings and the lies of the far right will not change that fact. However, it DISTRACTS from the mission. It HARMS Obama's ability to get things done. It can slow or prevent progress.

I continue to support Obama's desire to unite us, but I bet against it. They are a dishonest and dishonorable opposition. They want us to fail. They are biding their time, hoping to once again lie their way back into power. I grow tired of their deceit, and will not fall for it again.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

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