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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Politics and 2008

The year 2008 was all about change no matter how you look at it politically. We started the year off wondering how to gas up our cars and looking at green energy with a new perspective and ended up with gas at more than half the price. I mention gasoline because the political world revolves around energy and energy is money and the politics of it all comes down to the almighty dollar. About eight or nine months ago I predicted the crash of oil prices here on this site just prior to George W Bush leaving office and oops… I was right. The scary thing to think about is that Bush could have gone down in history as the defender of America against terrorism but he succumbed to political pressure of the have too much and want more of too much. While he may have kept our nation safe from terrorist attacks he will be remembered as the President that let Wall Street kill Main Street. Then Elm Street, then Oak Street, then South and West Main Street and the list goes on.

Then we had the meltdown of politicians mostly from the right side of the aisle that seemed to exit stage right in disgrace and you can check the list at Republican Offenders website. Speaker of the House resigned, Senate President resigned, and a slew of congressmen and senators left because the picking were not looking so good with the Justice Department fast on their heals.

Out of almost nowhere comes this Senator from Illinois that speaks from his heart, talks common sense, and his mission is change. It doesn’t matter to the voters what his nationality is, his background and experience is or even if he smokes. He churns up the young people of America to get involved in politics and they do so for the first time in many generations. Much like FDR he promises hope, change, and a new beginning and it sold well at the polls. It wasn’t an easy win for Barack Obama but he did it with the help of many people that thought their voice should be heard too.

Anywho… I found this video for ya on politics and 2008 that I thought you might enjoy from You Tube…

Video Link

2009 should be interesting to say the least. We can look forward to many changes courtesy of the exiting President and insisted on by the new President. How it will all work out is anyone’s guess but I’m leaning to the positive side of life.

I filled the wife’s mini van from a quarter tank of gas for just under $22 today and just a couple of months ago it cost me over $60. I like that kind of change so far and Obama has not even been sworn in yet. How much more change are we going to be able to keep in our pockets once he is sworn in?


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Blogger B.J. said...

Well, you know the old adage, “It’s gotta get better, ‘cause it can’t get worse.” The American spirit has always been steeped in hope, and let us pray that with so many people in this country in desperation, that spirit will prevail in 2009. Obama will not be able to keep campaign promises right away. He faces the same economic challenges Clinton had to overcome when taking office. But, we at least know that here is a man who, in his heart, knows what America and Americans need – and need to do - to return the country once more to greatness in the world. If he can convince many in his base not to expect “too much, too soon” and allow time for change to work, he will succeed. Best to you, Papamoka, and all your readers in 2009! BJ

3:03 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Happy New Year to you too BJ.

9:04 AM  

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