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Monday, December 29, 2008

Did You Know that Hoover was a Great President?

Good Morning Papamoka Bloggers - Well, the holidays are over - thank God - and now we begin to focus on the inauguration and the upcoming storm of activity by the new Obama Administration. Something tells me that's it's going to be a fascinating year of analyses, praise and criticism.

Before we get to the more practical matters of turning the Bush DEPRESSION into a RECESSION, I would like to comment on the state of the far right, or what some might call their EXTREME DENIAL and lack of support for change. There are many reports, and lots of FOX "News" coverage, about how Obama will be making a mistake if he tries to be "too extreme" in his policies.

They do credit him with appointing a "moderate" team so far, but they won't stop criticizing him for plans to push FDR-like programs. You know, health care reform and stuff that WE AMERICANS voted him into office to fix.

They also won't stop repeating their BS about HOW he was elected. Did you know that he was elected due to "white guilt" and a strange and "irrational" hatred of George Bush, and not for his policies or "socialistic" ideas? I know, it's news to me too. It seems they feel the American people really didn't vote for change. I know, I know, WEIRD!

Wow, it would appear the Republican far right has gone past denial into some sort of alternative universe. A good example of their extreme thinking erupted this Christmas with the release of a new CD by a leading contender to become chairman of the Republican Party, Chip Saltsman, featuring a parody song called Barack the Magic Negro. It's repulsive, but many of them think it's hilarious. I think it serves as a great port-hole into that other universe.

I'm proud to say that many leading Republicans were horrified after he distributed the CD, but I'm less proud to report that a reasonable survey of right-wing websites and news organizations show comments very supportive of the parody. Rush Limbaugh LOVES it. It would appear that far right Republicans seem to have trouble distinguishing between good parody and racism.

The Republican party needs to recover from HEAVY electoral defeats over the past two years, and it won't survive unless it reaches out to younger and ethnically diverse voters. So, what is their method of recruiting such voters? To release a parody mocking Barack Obama's ethnicity and skin color. Sung to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon (also a parody), the lyrics have left most intelligent Republicans cringing.

Chip Saltsman, a former leader of Tennessee Republicans, who is seeking to take over the party's national committee, sent the CD to party members as a Christmas gift. But unlike him, few found it funny. Let's hope that Chip finds a new career, better suited to his talents. How about sewer worker, or Tennessee Klan leader?

Anyway, that CD is only one example. Others include the fact that Sarah Palin has been named "conservative of the year" by more far right Republican organizations than you can count. Just do a search, and you'll find there are too many to name here. You don't even hear John McCain being mentioned anymore.

It's all about her these days. The woman is an IGNORANT fool with little education and a love of killing things, and they love her. She knows NOTHING about the world, or the economy, and they LOVE her? What the hell is wrong with them? Did you know that her 2009 calender is a top seller on Amazon? Okay, I admit it, they scare the hell out of me.

I'm also very disturbed by the right's denial about America's new faith in Obama. They seem to think it's a media construct. They also keep saying they would have won the election if they had been "tougher," and "stuck to their conservative principles more." What the hell is wrong with the far right? They LOST because of that conservative hard-headedness. Most of America wants to come together, they want GOVERNMENT TO HELP THEM, and they refuse to see it.

I know I shouldn't care, because it is their funeral, but I still want to understand them. Why do they keep hitting their heads against brick walls? Why do they keep thinking that the majority of Americans want a Sarah Palin? Where are the polls that make them believe that BS? I don't get it. It's like 30% or more of the country is either retarded or mentally unstable, capable of believing whatever BS they want to.

Oh well, I'll have to let it go. Let's just watch them bash, crash and burn. The majority of us will move on to fix the problems they created. They will do what they do. Just like the Republicans who praised Hoover for years after he left office, claiming that the roaring twenties were the best years of America, the far right will continue to sing the praises of Bush and claim that Obama does not represent the true America.

The Bush Legacy Project will continue to spin, lie, and tell tall tales to small groups of Republicans who want to hear their version of history, because they don't want to face the truth about what really happened. Did you know Hoover was a great president? They say history will vindicate them, but we all know it won't. The rest of us can't afford to wait for them; we have to get to work fixing things.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog
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Blogger Papamoka said...

Looking back at the campaign and the Republican rallies for McCain it doesn't surprise me that their political party lost the Presidency. Most of the people interviewed during the rallies had no idea about the truth of any of the issues. Obama was an Arab, Obama was a Muslim, Obama was (Insert Blame Here) _______. They would only listen to the people of their own party and blindly followed the mantra.

I think the real proof on how Bush will go down in history is written on the top of the gas pumps today. I paid $1.57 a gallon today and top the tank off for $22.

4:11 PM  

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