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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time Off or Time Well Spent

This is going to be the year that we can all finish the projects around the house. Some people call it the “Honey Do” list, while others just call it “The Dreaded List”. The items on the lists are the same all over the world and the list never seems to end. Fix the stairs, fix the sticky closet door, replace the leaky faucet, patch the roof, and on it goes. By law every time two items are taken of the list, top secret government agents sneak into your home at night and covertly add three more items to the list.

Finally, we have a solution to this problem. If there isn’t enough time to finish your project list then we will just add the time to the clock. 2008 is the year that you will have the time to finish them all and you can no longer use the excuse that you did not have the time.

Over at Reuters they have this to say on it…

Tick tock ... tick - Extra second added to 2008
Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:21am EST

By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Those eager to put 2008 behind them will have to hold their good-byes for just a moment this New Year's Eve.

The world's official timekeepers have added a "leap second" to the last day of the year on Wednesday, to help match clocks to the Earth's slowing spin on its axis, which takes place at ever-changing rates affected by tides and other factors.

The U.S. Naval Observatory, keeper of the Pentagon's master clock, said it would add the extra second on Wednesday in coordination with the world's atomic clocks at 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC.
- Reuters

Great, now I have to go around the house and adjust all the damn clocks. I could swear that I just did that for Daylight Savings a couple of weeks ago. Then again, on Wednesday I could just go to bed early and promise that in 2009 the Honey Do and or Dreaded Lists will get tackled and accomplished. Ya, that’s it, that’s the story I’m going with.


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