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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

KKK for RNC Chairman

Is the Republican party nuts or is it just me? Chip Saltsman sent out a CD with a very racist song concerning our next President and Republicans are actually now making excuses for this whack job. The song on the CD parodying Puff the Magic dragon with Barack the Magic Negro is more or less putting the KKK on the front line of the RNC and they seem to think it is all okay to do. Even Rush Limbaugh is cool with it because he thinks its comedy. Rush has even gone so far to throw up a link to the song on his site??? How about making a song about Rush the Pill Popping Junkie? Is that okay?

How far is the RNC willing to go to place itself as an extremist political party more in line with the politics of 1930’s Germany? Politico has this to say on the excuses spouting from the Republican’s in office on behalf of the racist scumbag Saltsman…

'Magic Negro' flap might help Saltsman
By ANDY BARR 12/30/08 4:31 AM EST

The controversy surrounding a comedy CD distributed by Republican National Committee chairman candidate Chip Saltsman has not torpedoed his bid and might have inadvertently helped it.

Four days after news broke that the former Tennessee GOP chairman had sent a CD including a song titled “Barack the Magic Negro” to the RNC members he is courting, some of those officials are rallying around the embattled Saltsman, with a few questioning whether the national media and his opponents are piling on.

“When I heard about the story, I had to figure out what was going on for myself,” said Mark Ellis, the chairman of the Maine Republican Party. “When I found out what this was about I had to ask, ‘Boy, what’s the big deal here?’ because there wasn’t any.”

Alabama Republican Committeeman Paul Reynolds said the fact the Saltsman sent him a CD with the song on it “didn’t bother me one bit.”

“Chip probably could have thought it through a bit more, but he was doing everyone a favor by giving us a gift,” he said. “This is just people looking for something to make an issue of.”

“I don’t think he intended it as any kind of racial slur. I think he intended it as a humor gift,” Oklahoma GOP Committeewoman Carolyn McClarty added. “I think it was innocently done by Chip.”
- Politico

I’m sorry but I think racism at any level against anyone is simply disgusting and I can not look at it, listen to it, or even put up with it. This clown from Tennessee thinks its funny to use the word Negro when describing our next President and I find it EXTREMELY offensive. If you have to stoop that low to gain the power of your political party then you don’t have a clue as to what politics is truly all about. Let me explain… If I were of African American decent, and I happened to be in the House or the Senate or for that matter in the White House, I would never give this son of a biscuit eater the time of day. Matter of fact, one does not have to be of African American descent to do this. All of the Congress should participate in this. Additionally, I would lobby every other member of my respective house of government to ostracize Saltsman and every single bill he tried to get passed. Then I would work with his states political process to unseat him in the very next election even if I had to campaign every single available free moment. That is how you deal with morons that think it is okay to call my President, Barack Obama, a negro.

I’m a firm believer that we all must stand up against racism and now that fight goes on to defending our President’s heritage simply because of the color of his skin. Not one of the people in the Politco post would stand face to face with any black man and call him a negro but it is okay if Chip Saltsman does? This is bull and they are lying to themselves.

Just when we thought change in the American consciousness of race has happened we get idiots that remind us all that we have to keep pounding back at ignorance. Thus I end this post with screw you Saltsman you racist puke bag moron! I’ve got ten dollars to bet that you wouldn’t have the guts to call President Obama a negro to his face because you might just get punched out by a Jew, a Mick, a Whop, a Polack, a Ruskie, a Gook, a Fag, a Lesbo, a Spic, a Wet Back, a Canuck, a Chink, and a (insert your nationality hear) ______.


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