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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Regulations and Bush Last Days

All over the news fit to report is the fact that President Bush is going to ram through hundreds if not thousands of regulations that would tie his successor Barack Obama down to eventaully look like an ass. Bush pased it, Obama owns it and can not overturn it easily. From clean water to power generation, to toxic waste dumping to you name it and Bush and company is going for one last screw you America. Bush is going to regulate it alll and make the message that Obama won the Presidency illegitimately. With only a 28% approval rating President Bush is going to burn all the bridges that lead to the White House because he is a spoiled rotten brat. Not that we did not know that already but he needs mom to stop by more often to wipe his snivels and tears of his ludicrous lack of popularity.

You know that old story that if you don’t lie you never have to remember the lie? Well the Republican Party lied to America and in this case, they are stuck with the lie that they passed to protect President Bush from Bill Clinton in his last days as President. Damn you double edged swords! Who authorized sharpening both edges of that political blade?

Over at Politico they have this to say on last minute regulation changes by Bush and Screw You America Incorporated…

Congressional Democrats are eyeing a little-known, Clinton-era law as a way to reverse Bush administration midnight regulations — even ones that have already taken effect.

It’s a move that would undermine the White House’s attempt to finalize its energy and environmental regulations by November so that Barack Obama couldn’t undo them after he’s sworn in as the 44th president on Jan. 20.

“Fortunately, [the White House] made a mistake,” said a top Senate Democratic aide.

Last May, White House chief of staff Joshua Bolten instructed federal agency heads to make sure any new regulations were finalized by Nov. 1. The memo didn’t spell it out, but the thinking behind the directive was obvious. As Myron Ebell of the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute put it: “We’re not going to make the same mistakes the Clinton administration did.”

President Bill Clinton finalized regulations within 60 days of the 2001 inauguration, meaning Bush could come in and easily reverse them.

It could take Obama years to undo climate rules finalized more than 60 days before he takes office — the advantage the White House sought by getting them done by Nov. 1. But that strategy doesn’t account for the Congressional Review Act of 1996.

The law contains a clause determining that any regulation finalized within 60 legislative days of congressional adjournment is considered to have been legally finalized on the 15th legislative day of the new Congress, likely sometime in February. Congress then has 60 days to review it and reverse it with a joint resolution that can’t be filibustered in the Senate.

In other words, any regulation finalized in the last half-year of the Bush administration could be wiped out with a simple party-line vote in the Democrat-controlled Congress.
- Politico

Then we have this over at MSNBC that has this talking point on the issue…

Video Link

Pay close attention these next few weeks and months, the election is already in the history books but the deception from the Bush administration has only just begun. President Bush is going to chuck America the finger and show all of us who is really in control and has the power. As soon as he lands in Crawford Texas law enforcement people should put him in handcuffs and put him in an orange prison jump suit. No President in the history of this nation has ever been so corrupt and in the tank for his own special interest friends. How many ways does he have to chuck us the bird and then declare himself a public servant to the people before we all get the joke?

I’m so glad that Precedent Bush and Company put out enough rope to hang themselves with because of the way he and his friends have left our nation, we really can not afford to buy the rope ourselves. Anyone have a coupon?


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