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Monday, November 10, 2008

GOP Hastily Calls Economic Crisis the "Obama Recession"

Hello Papamoka Bloggers - I would like us to remember something important, because it might help us keep things in perspective as Obama takes office.

Last Thursday, only two days after the presidential election, I heard a pundit on FOX "News" use the term, the "Obama recession." On the Stephanie Miller Show this morning she pointed out that Rush - the "drug-addled-gas-bag" - Limbaugh used the same term last Friday. I'll bet this is only the beginning.

I think it's reasonable now to assume that the Republican spin machine has started its job of trying to pin the blame for the economic downturn on our new president-elect. I think it's too early. They probably should have waited until he takes office. Oh well, they must know something I don't, or they've screwed-up.

Let's watch to see how much traction they get. Let's see if the term the "Obama Recession" takes hold. If they succeed, they will have once again pulled off one of their classic deceptions. Language is powerful people.

As Thom Hartmann says in his great book Cracking the Code, Republican propaganda turns torture into "enhanced interrogation" and borrowing money from our children and deficit spending into "taxes are evil." The list goes on and on.

It would appear they've set their evil sites on making Bush's bungling into Obama's personal recession. I guess time will tell if it works.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

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Blogger B.J. said...

The ones who really need to be pitied are the fools who tune into Fox News and believe the propaganda they hear. Another new right-wing talking point to listen for is the claim that, after the election, this country is "center-right." This is an effort to leave the impression that the vote for Obama has not indicated a move to the left. They are very quick with their talkin points. I'm sure they read them via email before they have their morning coffee. Pathetic. Keep the good posts coming! BJ

11:41 AM  

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