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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bush Screwed Whoever Won the Presidency

Thankfully, the election process is over and America and all Americans can focus on the issues that we have to face. Miraculously, the spike in oil prices is disappearing with the Bush administration exit and who would of thought that possible. I did and said so at the point in time when oil hit a record price of $147 per barrel. The raping of America would end with the support of the White House and the exit of George Bush. Now is the time to get back to the basics of our economy not strangled by the price of oil and gas. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the American economy runs on the price of oil. Any corporation that manufactures plastics has been blown out of the water by the price of oil based plastics and the materials needed to produce a product.

This nation has been held hostage by corporations and the stock market and now that they have fed the rest of us in the middle and lower classes to the dogs we have to bail out one another. Some may call President Elect Barack Obama a talking points only 44th President but he is still going to be the one in charge of getting America back on track. In that respect, he is taking advice from all corners and you have to admire that when it comes to talking about the economy. I’m not talking about Joe the Plumber that isn’t really a plumber but a country music wannabe that found a microphone and propelled himself into the McCain campaign for President as an expert on the economy. Warren Buffet, Paul Volker and the list goes on. Any voice is appreciated before January 20th when President Obama has to make a choice and act accordingly to save what the past eight years sought to destroy.

It is kind of ironic that Toyota is talking about a $5 Billion dollar profit and yet GM and Ford are begging the government for bailouts? GM and Ford are supposedly going to run out of money just before Barack Obama takes the oath of office for President? Isn’t that convenient timing when President Elect Obama has told the world that if President Bush does not work on a stimulus package then President Obama will do so as soon as he takes the oath of office. I'm wondering what GM and Ford did every single time they screwed up an lost billions of dollars in the past? Did the executives at GM and Ford not have a financial team looking at the bottom line or are they just putting their hands out for a freebie? Umm, the wolf is crying wolf afraid of little Red Riding Hood here and the accountants will be the ones going to jail for it. Set the sails, the million dollar parachutes are about to take off at GM and Ford with the exit of President Bush too! It gets better, it is all you greedy workers fault for demanding a decent living wage. You bastards should be whipped into voting Republican. How can you not see that Million $Dollar bonuses are good for the company? Fire the workers and give the executives another multi million $dollar bonus for cutting costs!

Don’t tell anyone this but I think President Bush was in the pocket for the big auto makers in Detroit too. While oil prices skyrocketed, President Bush played a deaf ear on fleet fuel and MPG. Bush pretty much gave GM and Ford a pass on CAFÉ standards. GM and Ford executives had no problem with taking tens of millions in bonuses as the mega vehicles rolled off the production lines? Did Bush lie to them too? Did he sell them out as well? Nobody sold out GM and Ford other than the top executives that thought they had the golden goose and George Bush made sure they could cash their checks.

It’s pretty obvious to me that President Bush has screwed over whoever his successor was going to be. If John McCain won the White House this would be the second bitch slap from George W. Bush. Dick Nixon had nothing on this Bush! Jerry Ford had to pardon Nixon in order to get the country back on track if you really think about it. Enough was enough, we needed to move on. I don’t think George Bush should get that same treatment after he leaves office as President.

President George W. Bush sold this country out and the people that made the Reagan and Clinton economic engine work. When it came to the price of oil there was not one single thing that he did during his entire Presidency that inhibited it from going higher. Not ONE! Not even once did he tap the SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) even when we faced the worst Hurricane in during his administration and refineries were wiped out. He encouraged Detroit to go bigger and more costly at the pump, his administration ran shot gun over every single investigation as to market manipulation in the oil markets and with the help of Tom Delay and friends squashed them all. He moved our country into a war in the Middle East that manipulates the markets into scare tactic investing. Afghanistan was justified but going into Iraq was worthy of burning anyone for the sake of getting America and its economy focused on oil. Friends of Bush and company were richly rewarded and many vacated the headquarters out of the United States to escape future prosecution. How many contracts can you award to “NO BID” contractors to the Vice President that was the former CEO of the company before you smell a rat?

Getting back to the original point of this article, Barack Obama has a deck of cards in front of him that somebody just played 52 pick up with. John McCain would have had the same cards to deal with. John McCain and his political party should be happy that they do not have to deal with this crisis. The election was close when you really look at the state by state numbers. I have no clue as to how President Elect Obama is going to pull this rabbit out of his hat but he is surrounding himself with people that I have the confidence in knowing that sometimes you have to listen first before shooting your six guns.

President Bush screwed over unilaterally whoever was going to take his place. Most of all he screwed over America and Americans. That fits with how Bush served as President the last eight years. There was not one special interest group linked to Big Oil that he did not have a kind ear for. At least he was consistent. Getting past that as we should we are all left with W’s mess to clean up and pay for even though we have paid for it ten fold over the last eight years. Mission Accomplished in his mind is clean up on aisle three in our pocket books.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How true! I still can't believe he was president again-How dumb the American public is---or is it just didn't have much choice in another person for president. America has gone down hill the past 8 years-most of the world hates us-Thanks George-you became the 4th Reich!

5:37 AM  

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