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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Political Blogging Tools

I’m not an expert on how people find your political blog but I am someone that is very curious as to how people find our blog, Papamoka Straight Talk. Like many people that poor their heart and soul into well written pieces, I want to know how people find that well written piece. I’ve tried Technorati and other tools for bloggers to see where all of our works are showing up and with no success lately but I finally found one that actually works. I put up thier service in our sidebar a couple of days ago. It's at the bottom of the side bar for now but I'm thinking I should raise it up a few notches.

For a couple of years I have watched as our Technorati ranking rose to 70 where this site was in the top 100,000 in the world and sank to where it is now at 38 links and wondered how they lost all the links that have actually linked in to Papamoka Straight Talk? How is it that this site is picked up or linked too by Reuters, Chicago Sun, The Wall Street Journal, The Moderate Voice, Crooks and Liars, Gun Toting Liberal, The Left Coaster, Yahoo News, Featured Posts on Memeorandom, Real Clear Politics, Slate Magazine and the list goes on forever but we only have 38 links on Technorati? Today alone the Huffington post linked in? Shocked the hell out of me but it is what it is. Did Technorati change the metrics as to who is a link and who is not because they never told me? I apologize in advance if your link to this site does not show up on Technorati but I do my best to give credit to those that link in. I now find myself using Google Search to find links that has proven more reliable to find your links to this site over Technorati.

Anywho, I love to find links to Papamoka and the contributors that write here and give those sites linking in credit. A lesson I learned over at Gun Toting Liberal. Unlike many other bloggers, we credit back to sites that have linked in on any of our posts. Call me an idiot but I like to thank people for appreciating our work and give them credit for doing so. It would be rude to not do so in my opinion but that is just me. If I have missed your link in from your site then please let me know ASAP in the comment section or by email!

I can’t speak for the folks over at Technorati as to why they don’t count all of the links to this site but I can tell you that I found a live link count that works for this site. I’ve tested it and it works without fail. It is called E-Referrer and it lists all sites that link in to your blog from anywhere. It goes one better by keeping a tally of who is linking in over the last 100 plus days. I put it up in my sidebar and I’m very happy with the product they provide for not so affluent bloggers like me.

I have not been paid by E-Referrer for this post so all of you folks thinking I’m in the tank for them, you are wrong. I don’t do paid posts here at Papamoka. You can however feel free to visit the sponsors and show your thanks for this hat tip for your personal blog. They are the ones that keep this site up. Thank you Google for that!!!

E-Referrer is a great product for your blog and if you would like to know where your readers are coming from then I recommend them highly. My E-Referrer has only been up for a day or two and I’m surprised more than you know who is coming to this site and from where. You can check it out in the side bar or clicking on thier logo above and sign up for the free service for your blog from there. I hope it helps you understand where your readers are coming from and give you some aspect as to how important it is to be political and speak up loud and clear.


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Blogger The GTL™ said...

Technorati can kiss my ASS. I've given up on trying to figure out how my (like your) site keeps getting mentioned on major talk radio shows, quoted in the NYT and other large outlets, getting blasted by Bill O'Reilly, a Google PR of 6, 8000 visits per day, etc., etc., and my so-called "Technorati Rating" is barely over 100.

That alone is enough for me to say Technorati is the Blogosphere's equivalent to the Edsel. I don't give a rat's ASS what Technorati has to say about The Gun Toting Liberal website or how they "rank" it.

All I know is I'm bombarded with traffic, media requests, magazine interviews, etc., etc., etc., and Technorati couldn't BE more irrelevant to me in the future than they are today.

A simple Google search on the topic and you'll learn quickly you, I, and the rest of the RELEVANT blogosphere are paying less and less attention to what the hell Technorati has to say about who we are, what we do, who appreciates what we do, and our so-called "RELEVANCE" in the blogospheres.

Keep it up and join me in flying a middle finger toward Technorati. They matter NOT. ;-)

12:17 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Now I know for a fact that when I was contributing to the GTL that we had over 250 sites linked in by Technorati so where in the hell did Gunnies other 150 links go? And that was not that long ago!

I'm shaking my head wondering what happened to Technorati? Thanks for the comment and great feedback GTL!

5:48 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Well I stopped using Technocrati because it was wasted space on my site. Thanks Papa for the link, I had no idea you hooked me up. I have looked forwrd to your blog every morning since I first found you. Thanks for all that you do!

7:05 AM  
Blogger Just Wondering said...

Hey, cool. I'm going to check it out myself.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

By all means check it out JW! Laura, I think we have had you in our favorites since I first found out that you linked to us in your favorites. We do our best to return the courtesy from other great sites such as yours. I'm still loving your amazing photography!

7:17 AM  
Blogger The GTL™ said...

Right on, Mat -- here's how I see it bro -- I'll take Google's 40+ thousand "authority" links over Technorati's frigging 100+ ANY day of the week as far as credibility goes ;-)

8:28 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm with you GTL and Google is the goods to go with. Technorati is broken, lost, or just doesn't follow the original mission statement. I've had E-Refrerrer up for three days and it has already tracked 384 links from other sites to Papamoka. I highly recommend it for your own site. I have to be honest with you GTL, I tested it off of your site and three links came in from me from your site on the count. Not hours or days later but instantly. Loving that bro!

Oh by the way bro, thank you for kindly listing this site as the number five blog traffic to Gun Toting Liberal on your site. I'm loving that. I think the writers here are in good company with the top four in your list.

8:59 PM  
Blogger The GTL™ said...

bro... it's nothing "political" -- I am recognizing the top 5 (BLOGS, not just regular sites) every month by hand who bring me the most traffic. As you can see, you're in BIG company and I appreciate ya as ALWAYS -- not just for the traffic and the great writing, but also for the fact you'll take my phone call anytime, day or night if available :-)

In other words, I didn't list you on the top five inbounds for friendship or other purposes, I listed you because you brought more traffic to my site than anybody (not) listed from 6 on down, bro :-)

You're becoming a VERY serious player in the political blogosphere (as is deserved, btw) and I was so frigging EXCITED to see you were one of my top five inbound blogger referrers in the entire blogosphere.

And I TRULY do thank you and your awesome writers and readers for visiting, my brother...

Easily, without putting my ego aside (and Mat, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout, bro!) -- I'm so HONORED that you readers and co-bloggers here think enough of your judgment to take your advice and visit The Gun Toting Liberal...

This is one of the greatest blogs (Papamoka Straight Talk) in the blogosphere and it's only a matter of time before you and your blogging community kick my butt. And I'm your best cheerleader, by the way ;-)

Blog ON fellow Moke-Ites!!! ;-)

2:04 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I thank you GTL for your support of this site. I'm still not washing your truck bro...LOL!

I'm thinking the post will help many new bloggers learn how to do it better than me. Nobody does it better than the GTL so that is the gold standard in my opinion. I've learned from the best and I'm proud to call you my friend and brother on the blogosphere.

12:37 AM  
Blogger The GTL™ said...

Likewise here, my twin brutha from anothuah muthah... ;-)

Technorati hasn't done S*((T for me. At one time, they had us ranked in the top 2,000 with an authority rating in the 800's. All I know is the fact that since then, the rating has gone down, down, DOWN while the traffic and inbound ratings from the major search engines have gone UP, UP, UPPP!

Technorati has lost all credibility with MOI, and as a result, I'm seriously thinking of de-linking them totally and paying ZERO attention to their bull$E%T. It really meanst NOTHING to me in the end and it doesn't put one red cent in my pocket by placing my "Hey, look at what Technorati thinks of me!" links on my site.

All I know is I had an auditor assess The Gun Toting Liberal and its customer base and value as a website and let's just say it this way -- Technorati can barely find it in their digital hearts to keep my so-called "authority" above 100. Meanwhile, I've been advised our customer/commentator/hits/visits base puts the value of the GTL at seven figures. That is, in the unlikely event I'd ever decide to "sell out" ;-) So there ya go -- what's Technorati done for ME lately and am I tiring for doing ANYTHING for THEM lately is my question. And the answer is a firm "NO". Even tagging with their hot tags on each topic fails to bring in more than ten or fifteen new visitors per post.

In other words, just about WORTHLESS to me, they are. I think I'm going to dump 'em soon, bro...

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh... 10x for text ))

6:34 AM  

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