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Thursday, November 06, 2008

High Political Crimes for Lieberman

As you already know, Senator Joe Lieberman, former Democrat and now an Independent, soon to be a Republican, supported John McCain for President enthusiastically. That is fine, I don’t have a problem with his choice for President. What I do have a problem with is his blatant about face stating that he is going to support President Elect Obama today. There are far to many videos out there showing Joe (Not the Plumber) bashing Barack Obama, liberalism and even being a Democrat. Far too many videos are out there showing Joe Lieberman supporting not just John McCain but Republican candidates for Congress and the Senate at McCain rallies. It would be like a life long Red Sox fan showing up at your house to watch the baseball game with a N.Y. Yankees hat, shirt, jacket and his car is plastered with Yankee bumper stickers? No offense to New York Yankee fans intended. Feel free to swap the analogy around. How does a Democrat Vice President Candidate in 2004 all of a sudden go underground and emerge a Republican four years later?

The head of the Senate Harry Reid had a little sit down with Joe Lieberman today and I tend to think it was not a two way conversation. Harry talked and Joe listened. My personal thanks to Crooks and Liars for inspiring this post. Here it is from the Associated Press on You Tube…

Video Link

It sounds to me like good old Joe (not the Plumber) has been told that his committee chair (Homeland Security, Armed Services, Environment & Public Works, and Small Business) seats will be given to loyal supporters of the President elect but his status on the Democrat Caucuses is still up to the members of the Senate to decide.

You can not expect political support and committee chairs in the political party in control of the Congress when you trashed the President Elect with lies on the campaign trail for John McCain. Using the tactics of deception, lies, manipulating facts to suit your purpose, and just out right being untruthful will always bite you in the ass eventually in politics. Joe Lieberman proved himself to be a political traitor to his party just as Zel Miller of Georgia did the last Presidential election. You don’t hear much about good old Zel anymore do you? In politics at this level, when you pull a Benedict Arnold, you better hope to hell your candidate wins. In Joe Lieberman’s situation, his candidate did not win.

Video Link

Politics is a cut throat business at pretty much any level and it just seems the costs are higher in the Senate and the House. Joe placed his allegiance with John McCain and he lost. Others that placed their loyalty to Obama and the Democrats won. Joe Lieberman should lose his committee chair seats so that those that worked for victory for our new President can serve him and his political ideology best. It happens every two and four years regardless and it is how politicians weed out the weakest links to push through the legislation of the political party in control.

I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for Joe Lieberman when he comes up for re-election in two years and loses. I’m sure he will do well in the private sector as a lobbyist. Then he can be Independent in politics as Joe McCarthy was a Communist sympathizer.


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Blogger B.J. said...

Two things. In my opinion, Lieberman has put his allegiance to Israel before his allegiance to his own country. I read an article maybe three or four years ago that Lieberman had formed a group or joined a group of “neo-neoconservatives.” Hence, his support for McCain’s war policy.

Second, there were three Senate seats still up for grabs. I believe one went this afternoon to the Democratic candidate. If the other two seats eventually go to Democrats, and the other “Independent” in the Senate continues to vote with Democrats, then the 60th vote required for solid Democratic control would have to come from, ta dah, Joe Lieberman.

So, Senate Democrats don’t know whether to kick his butt or kiss it.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Not that I have much respect for Harry Reid but I would have less for him if he kissed Joes ass. Lieberman is still from a very blue state and his supporting McCain and bashing Democrats will not sell very well back in his home state of Connecticut.

I believe there are four or five moderate and centrist Republican seats in the Senate so Joe's opinion is not a true absolute requirement.

Thanks for the excellent feedback and personal email BJ!

5:50 AM  

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