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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thoughts Post Election

It is nice to see all the press focused on what is next on the political horizon with President Elect Barack Obama but he is still in mourning for his Grandmother who passed away one day before his election as President. I hope that the press will respect his privacy at this time to let him pay his last respects and lay her to rest as she deserved.

In other news, Sarah Palin is being bashed all over the news and she does not deserve that. Neither did Joe the Plumber or anyone else the McCain campaign brought into the spot light. Governor Palin will be fine, matter of fact I predict that she will be the runoff candidate for the U.S. Senate seat abdicated not by choice by Ted Stevens of Alaska due to his criminal convictions and sad to say election victory in Alaska. Sarah Palin will win the Senate seat by over 80% in that election run off. From there she can jump in at Barack Obama in 2012 with plenty of experience and nobody holding her back except Neiman Marcus.

This just in from Fox News on the infighting of the McCain - Palin campaign. Apparently, it was pretty nasty towards the end. According to this news video, Governor Palin thought Africa was a country and not a continent and she didn’t know which countries signed up for NAFTA…

Video Link

Things that make you go hmmm? Or what the hell was John McCain thinking?


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