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Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain Hate Based Base

Over the years writing this blog I’ve talked with many people that are true Republican’s but I am thankful that none of them have ever called me a Communist, a Socialist, or threatened my life. I’m a moderate Liberal Democrat but I don’t wear it on my sleeve. I don’t have to because my friends know me, appreciate me just as much as I appreciate them. Matter of fact, beyond politics, I could sit in the living room of any of my Republican friends and enjoy a few beers and our favorite sporting event on the television. There is no difference of opinion when it comes to who needs to win the game when the Patriot’s or the Red Sox are playing! Good times, good friends, and just outright good people.

This election is getting pretty ugly and I don’t like it one bit. Both sides are just as guilty at flinging the mud and false accusations and both parties are missing the main point! Our nation is in the beginning of a financial crisis not seen since the great depression. Our nation is at war, our troops are in harms way no matter what side of the war argument you believe in. This is not the time for bickering and bitching over the fence of who said what, or who started it, and who is going to finish it! One thing I do see is the anger is flowing over to the populace and the people following the campaigns. Video like this just makes me sick…

Video Link

I find myself in a difficult position. For one, I don’t agree with John McCain on many issues across the board but I would never call him a hate monger. I don’t agree with Governor Palin on the right of Choice by a woman but I don’t find her position offensive to me. I do not agree with Senator McCain’s tax cut plan other than the fact that I don’t think millionaires and corporations like Exxon need it more than my family of seven does. Barack Obama’s tax plan and health insurance plan is far more agreeable to my family budget than that of John McCain. I’m not going to label McCain a Socialist for offering just a different version of each because he too has a plan to help American’s out.

I do consider which of the two candidates comes off as more confident, better at communicating what message they have to offer, and more willing to talk to all Americans on any of the issues I care about.

One of the things I take serious offense to is anyone calling Barack Obama a terrorist, a Muslim, and a Socialist. For that matter to “Kill him!“ as heard at many McCain and Palin rallies. This is where I could find myself going over the edge on all the qualities that should be heard on who the “Real John McCain” is.

When the supporters of John McCain call for the death of Barack Obama I get emotional and think of the Kennedy brothers that died at the hand of assassins. Radical people with radical thoughts. Stirring up the dregs of the political party and saying nothing when this kind of language is brought up at your political rallies is indefensible. Not once in all of my posts have I said “Kill em!” in any political thought, discussion, or argument with the opposing political party. It’s called reasonable discussion of the issues we all face as American’s!

If the same offensive language were used against John McCain at any Obama rally, my Republican friends would be wanting arrests made and people interrogated for treasonous actions against the election of our American President. And they would be righteous in doing so! The silence is deafening in the McCain campaign.

So what is the Secret Service doing when these threats against Barack Obama's life are made?


CORRECTION: John McCain is taking this issue onto himself at his Rallies and he earned my respect in doing so.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had this same thought yesterday that is why I put those two videos on my blog.. I can not believe the shear igorance of the "middle America type person" Do these people care about what they are saying is being recorded, do they understand that they will now have to stand behind those words and have left themselves no room for a change of opinion. I do give props to McCain for trying to straighten out his supporters. I have to believe that Democrats would never be that close minded. I know personally I never take anything as fact unless it has been proved. either way,I do not like McCain in a political way but I wish no harm against the man. I watched the few videos yesterday and it made me ashamed of being an American and seeing such intolance.
I had to explain yesterday to my co-worker who just moved here from Iraq about 3 months ago, why in fact McCain is not what he saw on a debate only. I had to explain how the tax cuts and measley 5k dollars in help to go towards health insurance was not enough. I wish I could speak with Middle America on a daily bases.

7:24 AM  

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