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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Holy Name High School Turbine

When it comes to wind power in the North East of America or for that matter there isn’t much movement on the issue. Cape wind is held up and every other project is held up too. Till today! Holy Name High School in Worcester, Mass had it’s skyline attraction wind turbine catching the breezes of the city of seven hills and churning out power. My good friend over at Worm Town Taxi has been posting on this issue for months and I give him full credit for being first on this story and consistently following up on it. Something you don’t see in the newspapers.

I posted a comment on his site while I stole his video. Shhh, don’t tell Jeff! It’s our little secret. Here is the video Jeff posted on Worm Town Taxi today with the turbine spinning away…

Video Link

It takes a community to change the way things work in our world and the community involved with Holy Name High School made this possible in Worcester. We now have a wind turbine spinning mad and creating electricity for the grid and the school. When the school is not in session the power generated is fed back into the grid. They are not doing this alone. Your help and donation to pay for the cost of this mind changing thought process on energy independence is needed. It cost a small fortune to build this wind turbine and it takes more than that to make America change thoughts on energy needs. Contact Holy Name High School to make a donation. Even just a dollar is welcome. Make your voice loud and clear on energy independence! Make your voice loud and clear and let America know that if the churches of America have to start our energy independence then we as American’s will back them up. Holy Name High took the first step, now it is all of our turn to take the next.

For the record, I don’t see this as a Catholic issue, it is an American energy independence issue and Holy Name High School put their money and reputation where the peoples mouth should be. You don’t have to agree with the Catholic faith to know that they are taking the people of America on the right path when it comes to energy independence. Somebody has to when the government is silent or bickering over it for decades!


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