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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penn. Results Coverage

7:58 PM - polls close in 2 minutes. I'm watching MSNBC and flicking back to CNN. Is it just me or does Chris Matthews look like crap? Kieth Olberman has been asking alot of questions that lean Obama but he doesn't blink when he has a shot at Obama either.

Poplular vote prior to the Pennsyvania results is:

Obama -13,402, 903
Clinton - 12,705,360

Overall Delegate Count:

Obama - 1655
Clinton - 1513

MSNBC - Russert is quoting the Clinton camp is spending $1 million per day.
Obama is buying twice as much television time as Clinton.
Double digit win by Clinton sends the election into June.
Charges and counter charges by the Democrats folding the party and feeding McCain

Brokaw: Super delegates still in play
Dem convention should not be divided against people that voted and establishment
Will of the people is the safest route to go for super delegates

Andrea Mitchell:

Exit polls not the big victory that the Clinton camp hoped for.
Clinton in the red with cash.
Clinton the underdog
Clinton lead evaporated and many staffers owed cash.
Hillary does not trust Nancy Pelosi
Obama flooded with cash and donations


Ed Rendell should talk to Clinton if the big win isn't there?
Others in the party to talk to her about bowing out.
Hillary played up her routes in NE Pennsylvania

Commentary and other points:

Moste Penn. voters decided in the last three days who to vote for.
Women going for Clinton in large numbers.
Philly exit polls show Philly going for Obama 68%

END 8:20 pm

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