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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No Thanks Pastor Hagee

As a Catholic I take serious offense to the accusations of Pastor Hagee who is a buddy to John McCain in the latest race for President of all of the United States of America. While the main stream media has been attacking Barack Obama with his association with Reverend Wright they have taken a pass on the McCain/Hagee connection. As a voter I was just as ticked off at the racist comments by Reverend Wright as most people should be and I was glad to see Obama distance himself emphatically from those thoughts. It was a wise move for someone that wants to represent all of the people of America.

John McCain has no problem other than saying he does not agree with Pastor Hagee but is not refuting his endorsement. When questioned he pulls out an attack on Obama and Wright which I find interesting in the fact that he isn’t willing to face the facts behind Hagee. It comes down to more or less blaming your association to someone else to deflect attention and blaming a tree for jumping out in front of your car. Damn those jumping trees and ecologist for it!

Just for giggles I watched one of Pastor Hagee’s television broadcasts and frankly I wasn’t surprised to hear and see what he had to say. Things I have never herd from any of my Catholic priest during Mass in my entire life. Counterfeit Christians was his topic for the days broadcast and in it he referenced my faith in terms not labeling the Catholic faith as directly linked to Satan but we pretty much have Satan as the basis of our faith. He rambled on about fearing God and that runs counter to my faith and understanding of a loving God. Fearing God is far more important in Pastor Hagee’s thought process if it instills fear in his flock to blindly follow him. Then he went on about the direct connection from a child’s bottom and the brain which was his direct reference of spare the rod and spoil the child aka child abuse.

What surprised me with his sermon was the continual thought that fear of God, fear of Jesus not loving you, fear of not being part of his flock was the only message he had to sell. Then the commercials came on and the guy has books and videos and all kinds of self serving profit making devices working for him to sell God to the people. With the commercial break over he goes on to tell us that following his true spirit with God is the only way to go and that you no longer have free will. Doing God’s will is your only path and those that do not follow that path will never see the gates of heaven. Sounds like a radical terrorist statement to me but I could be wrong. What happened to free will? In my opinion, Hagee equates free will to how much he can fleece from his flock and that is what he is all about. Money first, God second. Someone has to pay for the multi million dollar operation he has built based on fear and Catholic bashing.

Pastor Hagee is nothing more than a guy making a dollar off of the fear of many lost souls. I’m not questioning his followers faith in God or their following of Jesus Christ, I am questioning the false thoughts of a man at the pulpit. Anyone that tells you that his Jesus or his God is better than yours is someone to be very skeptical of. In the words of Pastor Hagee, the devil will unleash many false prophets and that pretty much puts him in the hate game. Go sell your hate aka used cars (no offense to used car sales people) somewhere else Pastor.

In Pastor Hagee’s apology to the media on all of the coverage of his Catholic bashing, I’m sure coverage on the blogosphere at sites like this he absolutely denied that he has ever had a message of hate against Catholics. See the post and video that I put up earlier and judge for yourself. Or you could click here for the video. He refers to the Catholic Church and Hitler in the first few minutes of the video. Hitler only proposed doing what the Roman Church has done for eight hundred years but just more efficiently. In his apology he immediately refers to most Catholics as charity grubbing unclean people in need of his divine intervention five days a week. Well thank you Pastor Hagee! We are an unwashed and unclean people, all of us Catholics. That was very big of you but Catholic Charities all across America works seven days a week and it never ends year to year.

For the record, if Pastor Hagee wants to come after my faith, my church, my church leaders, I will be at their back to defend the Catholic faith. I’m an American Catholic Renegade and my faith is the foundation for my existence. We American Catholic’s have pretty much had enough of money grabbing self righteous idiots declaring that they have intimate knowledge of what God or Jesus Christ is to the modern man. Attack our church doctrine and you attack our purpose for existing on this planet that is never about ourselves. When your declare my God and my Jesus Christ, two of the same religious entities, not accepting me or my children into heaven then you are a false prophet from any religious perspective known to man. Some would call Pastor Hagee a Christian Jihadist. I would have to agree with that. I would prefer the term that John Hagee is a Christian Terrorist. You will never see the gates of heaven if your check does not clear.

Why does John McCain still consider this man worthy to associate his name with by the Hagee endorsement? When asked about it he points the finger elsewhere because his own thoughts betray him for the price of a few votes.

Anyone that calls themselves an American Catholic is not about hate or any form of screw you because you think xyz on any issue. John McCain by not speaking up for Catholics and all of the behind the scene charities that we do is spitting in our faces and does not deserve even one Catholics vote.
If you think McCain would not sell his own soul for the White House then check out what the Gun Toting Liberal has in his latest piece. Rod Parsley, another religious fanatic preaching the end of Islam. McCain has no problem with his endorsement either!


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Blogger James H said...

Good Grief

I am Catholic Convert used to be Southern Baptist and I live down here in the deep South. I know all abot the Hagee of the worlds. I have also been dealing with this issue since January since I was a Huckabee supporter

First we are not electing the Commander in Chief of Nice and PC Theology. People go to Hagee because he is important for the Israel issue vote folks. BOth Dems and Repubs alike.

I must say we Catholics have arrived!!! We have gone from being shunned in the political process , to be inviting into Evangelical Churches, to now us going oh sorry we can't deal with you people because of your theology. We have truly arrived!!! We can now exclude people even though about two decades ago despite disagreeing with us on Theology they helped many of us get into the door down here in the deep South and elsewhere

Now here in Louisiana I have escorted Catholic Politicans to speak from the altar from Churches. Needless to say these Churches were not having the Rosary and many had a theology that was anti Catholic.

However Politicians go to where the people are. They go where these people feel comfortable and for many it is the Church. This past year those Churches were behind the very Catholic Bobby Jindal. THe State Democratic party ran what was anti Catholic campaign only in the Northern Protestant part of the state against JIndal. You knew who stood up for Bobby? Yep you guessed it these Churches. They denounced this Know NOthing campaign. They stood by him more than Catholics did. By the way where was all the anger and million of blogs entries nationwide as to that!!!

THis is a double edged sword you know. There are Catholics that are of the more traditional mind that think all Non Catholics are heretics. Where does this end? The Missouri Lutheran Synod has in their articles of faith that the Pope is the anti Christ? Can we speak to them or shall we cut them out? Perhaps someone can come up with the rules but this all seems so complicated

I think a good rule is that people that are non Gratia are those that question A Catholic Patriotism or proclaim that one should not vote for a Catholic. That is anti Catholcism that effects the public square. That seems so much simple and even more sane

10:54 PM  

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