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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bush Feels Your Pain at the Pump?

President Bush today let the American people know that he is right on top of things with the rising gas prices. Then again, no, he really didn’t. But he did acknowledge that it’s a problem for the working class of America. Then again, no, he really didn’t. I’m pretty sure he is really feeling the pain that we are all suffering but I’m also pretty sure that President Bush had his fingers crossed through the whole interview.

Over at MSNBC they had this to say on our distinguished “Deciderer” on the gouging at the pumps…

Bush: No quick fix for gas prices
President troubled by 'tax on working people'; to take look at proposals

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Monday that he's troubled by rising gas prices and will take a look at proposals to relieve the crisis but warned that there is no quick fix.

"It's been a while in the making and it's going to be a while that we solve the problem," Bush said in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America." "We're too dependent on foreign oil and we need to be exploring more at home."

Bush said the rising cost of gas "troubles me a lot" because it is "like a tax on the working people."

Snippet…. Wait for the key phase!

He said he understands the pinch for working families and that some people will cut back on summertime travel. The federal tax rebate on the way to taxpayers will help, he said.

"One way to help solve it, of course, is by sending some of the money back. That's what's happening now as we speak. There's a rebate going back to the American people, which should help," Bush said. He reiterated his call for Congress to make permanent the tax cuts enacted during his administration.

This was classic Bush and his shiny object over here while I’m doing something else over here. Does the man think that the entire nation suffers from some form of attention deficit disorder?

Basically, his whole speech or interview could be translated into the following. Blah, blah, blah, gas prices, blah, blah, rebate checks, blah, blah, blah, but leave my tax cuts for the top two percent of income earners alone!

Maybe somebody should explain to the Nit Wit in Chief that the gas crisis is market driven and not a supply problem. Then while they are explaining that they could tell the deciderer that some of that market problem is directly linked to some little scuffle in the Middle East called the Iraq War that he started to settle a personal grudge! 4,000 plus U.S. Military dead but at least the crayon pusher at the White House got the guy that threatened to kill his daddy.

George Bush could care less if you can not afford to fill up your Chevy or Ford to get back and forth to work and why should he? He could care less if your family is about to have the lights shut off because the money is so tight these days that food just might be more important than paying the electric bill. All you people that are on fixed incomes are totally screwed if this sad excuse for an American President has any say in a pay raise of one or two percent in your Social Security check. You folks might as well sell your cars and think about canceling next winters idea about having heat in your home. In his mind your winter heating problem could be fixed by moving your sorry asses south where you don’t need heat in the winter! He is about as compassionate as a freaking rock! You might want to duck because the CEO of XYZ oil has this puppet boy President’s permission to smash all your windows and take all that they want from you.

I’ll be very clear that this President is on the take and his pockets are lined with the tears of the poorest American’s and those tears are not enough for him or his corporate buddies in the oil industry. Ten Billion in profits every three months isn’t enough for the number crunchers, they feed on greed and want more of what you no longer have. By the oil industry I’m also talking about all those fast talking salesman on Wall Street that are riding the fatted calf of oil with no care for their fellow man. Bush and company is all about full speed ahead till the Democrat’s derail the Republican business machine that takes no prisoners.

One has to give the Liar in Chief Bush credit, he has never wavered on the services he could provide to his business friends that put him in the White House. George Bush and Dick Cheney are very loyal to their friends, that is till the special prosecutors come looking. Bye Alberto, bye Scooter, bye…


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Anonymous Infidel753 said...

Doesn't he realize yet that everyone is just waiting for him to go away?

3:14 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

ROFLMFAO Infidel!!! That would be a yes on my part!

5:15 PM  

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