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Friday, May 09, 2008

It’s Over Hillary, Step Aside

One of the things that I admire in Hillary Clinton is her never say die attitude. Running for the Presidency of the United States is the ultimate campaign in politics and the Clinton family knows how much is at risk. Personally, it is a drag on the human spirit knowing that no matter how much you put into it the end result is the votes state by state. In this current process, the Senator from New York has fought the good fight and licked her wounds or celebrated in the few victories she has had. What is the end result that we as Democrats need is one united party. That can not happen with careless remarks based on race from the Senator from New York.

In this election process Democrats from all campaigns have signed up millions of new voters and that in itself is remarkable. Watching the political pundits on the television you would think that the people for Clinton would never vote for Obama and that is simply idiotic thought. This is a primary process within one political party where the two candidates are so close on the issues that for the most part it comes up to tossing a coin in the air in the voting booth for most voters. Heads she wins, tails he wins.

In the general election the difference between John McCain and either Democrat is as vast as the Pacific ocean. Who would logically think that if Hillary Clinton is not the Democrat nominee that the Clinton supporters that are Democrats would vote for McCain? Clinton supporters are just as angry about our government take over by big business and their candidate has the same thoughts as Barack Obama. Democrats will not be crossing party lines in November as much as Republicans will.

That leads to Rush Limbaugh thinking that his personal campaign in Operation Chaos will divide the Democrats using Republican voters to manipulate an election. This is another tool that makes no sense from the right wing. If you happen to be a Republican, would you be willing to change your political affiliation just to help Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama? Changing parties is an act of a political extremist so I don’t see Rush and his bash all Democrats campaign realistically giving fruit to the chaos he would love to spout about on his mega million money making broadcast.

As far as the Clinton campaign goes on, the task of doing so is in the support the campaign gets from donors to the campaign. With the Senator having to give $6.4 Million dollars to her own campaign then the support is not there. If the grass roots of dollars are not flowing in then the race is over for Senator Clinton.

It is not dishonorable for Hillary Clinton to bow out. In her race for the highest office of the land she has brought the truth to a nation in need of many changes and forced all people in the political process to engage in that debate. Hillary Clinton is not out of the political loop if she concedes the race, not by far. With her campaign she drew a new interest in politics by woman and in doing so has changed the face of politics in this nation. No longer will it be acceptable for woman to stand on the sidelines as the world around them changes. In that respect she deserves credit and I thank her for running for President of all of our United States of America.

The time for political healing is now and not later. Our party needs to be one voice, one message, and one party wanting to end the destruction of America at the cost of our middle and lower classes. Something Senator Clinton has campaigned on over and over again. One party united is far better than any joke on a divided Democrat Party on right wing talk radio.



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