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Sunday, December 09, 2007


This evening I had the pleasure of talking with Mike Jones who cross post’s here time and again. We talked about politics but we also talked about the reality of life in general. Mike and I do not see eye to eye on all the issues in life but we are for the most part best of friends. We do not pull punches with one another and we do not edit one another’s posts. We tell it like it is. His perspective or mine is the real deal. That is unique on most blogs or syndicated reads.

We do not have a political agenda other than what is right for you and our readers on our respective sights. Yes we talk and bitch politics and frankly, we love politics. If it were not for politics, we would not have much to say. And yet we do. Take from our posts and comment as you feel. Commenting is the only way to voice your opinion if you agree or disagree with any post on this site. Keeping silent puts you in the back seat as the drivers of our nation steers the car over the edge.

Lately, Mike has had a post picked up by Reuters. That post with the Calvin peeing cartoon was picked up in its entirety. We have had a few post’s picked up by the Wall Street Journal and Reuters. By no means am I patting Mike or myself on the back but you have to say that we are writers that some folks think have a legitimate opinion on life in these here United States of America.

Blogging is an art form that depends on building not just a readership but a network of friends that believe in you and what you write. It isn’t about writing what people want to hear or what the main stream media is telling you what cliff to run off of. Blogging is a sense of self and letting the world know that you as an individual has an opinion. It might not be the popular thought at the time but it is the thought that needs to be heard. In that same thought process similar minds come to read here at Papamoka Straight Talk.

We have huge Blogging friends to thank like the owner of the Gun Toting Liberal site and of course Bring IT ON! I have my local friends like Claudia Snell and Worm Town Taxi for picking up Papamoka Straight Talk and putting this Worcester blog out there locally. Steve from the Bingo Ditch is my new lawyer from Texas expert and I rely on his opinion more than he knows. I can not forget Vim and Vinegar or View From Battleship Cove and all the support they have given us by linking back and supporting this site. I can not forget Mike from Crooks and Liars and his round up post’s that has been very supportive. Chell’s Roost is also a favorite of mine because she is just so real. Google search the links and have a ball on their sites. Come back to Papamoka Straight Talk and when you want the reality of life from two moderate opinionated sons of B**ches. Did I mention we keep the language clean here because you want your kids to be able to read it too?

That all being said, Michael and I will try to keep you entertained with our opinions on everything that effects you as an American and we appreciate your linking back to our site more than you know. Matter of fact we encourage it. Link love is posted on every post we find a link pro or con.

Take care of you and we will take care of the politics that is life in America. Some could say that where your voice is not heard then we have an obligation as American’s to make it heard. Others just call us idiotic bloviating jerks. You decide and come back again for another look. Feel free to email your friends or family on the latest that Michael has to say or I have to rant on. By all means comment and do so as your heart feels compelled to do. Find your voice and express it! Let close to 3,000 visitors a month see what you think too!


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Blogger Claudia Snell said...

You do keep us entertained but you also make us think. Thank you for all the hard work. I'd say "keep it coming" but I know you will ;-)

6:08 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Somehow, the heart of the commonwealth has managed to start beating again with this increasing flow through the blogular vein... Worcester's online community is ramping up, and Papamoka Straight Talk is certainly helping to wake up the sleeping intellectual giant that this area of the world emobodies.

All it takes is persistence in observing the obvious... something that you do quite well!

7:00 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank you Claudia and Jeff for your very kind words. I thank you both for the links to this site and visiting as often as you do.

Keep on Blogging...

5:09 PM  
Blogger The GTL™ said...

Wow, what a great piece, brother!!! VERY well-written and well expressed (as usual, coming from you) :-)

Oh, and thanks for the Honorable Mention, Sir!

12:05 PM  
Blogger Suendhous said...

HI there.. figuring out how to do all this.. I am on facebook.. Sue Schern... anyway, hope you get this.. nice blog site... xxoo

4:53 PM  

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