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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Biden Lacks Celebrity but has Stamina and Policy

While the cash machines of Hillary and Obama are dumping millions of dollars at the media houses of Iowa television and radio stations Joe Biden is taking a walk to the corner lunch. While the television bombardment of both political parties gears up over the next few weeks I can actually forecast the television repair shop escalation in business as more than just a foot goes through the living room boob tube.

Over the past few weeks I have been writing about the glorification of candidates from both parties by the media based on the amount of money they might derive from the candidates. Joe Biden is not a money made candidate or a glorified rock star in politics. Joe is just Joe if you ask the folks on the train home from the capitol every night. Joe fly’s coach to Iowa and not on a sponsored by this company or that corporation private jet or plane. Joe prefers interviews in public with real reporters rather than press meeting statements.

Joe may not have a super star style but he does have what it takes to be President. He has humility, he has experience and he has the heart of the American people in his hopes and dreams for tomorrow.

Margery Eagan of WTKK Talk Radio and the Boston Herald had the chance to actually talk to Joe Biden and her article in the Herald is a must read if you don’t believe that the MSM has your vote locked up and the checked cashed…

Celebrity culture keeps Biden waiting in the wings
By Margery Eagan
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

• The Iraq War is the No. 1 concern for most Americans.

• After almost every Democratic debate, I hear the same surprised remark from the few people I know who actually watch them. That is, “Joe Biden was great ... Biden is best on the war ... ” Or, as Mary Lou LoVecchio put it yesterday, “howdo I get a (Joe Biden) bumper sticker?”

• Biden, in the Senate for more than 25 years, now head of the Foreign Relations Committee, is the guy who just pushed through, with bipartisan support, the soft partitioning of Iraq resolution. He “forgot more than Hilarity knows,” a conservative GOP-guy told me yesterday.

So here’s the question: why then is Biden still in single digits? Light years away from Hillary, Obama, and Edwards, the three top Democratic contenders?

The answer’s “pretty simple,” said Biden in a telephone interview yesterday with the Herald and 96.9-WTKK. “Money ... we will have raised $12 or $13 million by the time this is over,” he said, an amount that would have been competitive not long ago. “Now we’re talking about two candidates spending that much in Iowa alone (Hillary and Obama) ... a state with just 3 million people.”

SNIP a Roo…

In any case, we in the media covered Hillary and Obama non-stop. Hollywood, (or in the case of Oprah, Chicago) fell in love with Hillary and Obama, raising money for them non-stop. Then the media reported nonstop on how much money each had raised. And then the “so-called horse race” in the polls. Somewhere in there we talked about ideas. But not much.

Mostly we just talked Hillary vs. Obama with a little about Edwards mixed in.
Here’s something noteworthy about newspaper next-day coverage of last week’s debate, the one that finally got people tuning in (4 million viewers compared to the usual 2 million). Presumably we wanted to see Hillary fight back against the ganging-up-on-her “boys.”

SNIP Again…

Joe Biden’s son Beau, by the way, is Delaware’s attorney general and a National Guardsman likely to be deployed to Iraq in 2008. But Beau is not a celebrity. So most of us didn’t know that, either.
- Boston Herald

If you believe that Hillary and Obama are the only answer to the Republican candidates in the field because of an advertisement then you are not paying attention to life as it effects you politically. This election is not about Survivor or the Bachelor reality shows where they plot against one another. Bad metaphor there, I apologize. This election is about cleaning up eight years of Bush and Cheney mistakes. It’s about America and if the election can be bought then Bill Gates or Warren Buffet should be the next President of the United States.

Pick your reality television show and toss the idea out the window. The politics of this next election needs real leaders and real ideas and Hillary and Obama may have the cash but the price is not right if you catch my drift.

Senator Biden is the gold standard! Followed by a close second is Governor Bill Richardson but that is a post for another day.


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