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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I’m hoping and praying that everyone that reads this post has family or friends to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with.

My family will have started the cooking event the night before with the pies courtesy of Mamamoka. Several of our girls were supposed to help Dad make the cranberry sauce but the only one that came up to bat at the stove soon became bored because Disney had a better form of entertainment on the television. I survived the process. Uncle Emeril has nothing on the Ocean Spray package instructions and recipe to make cranberry sauce from scratch.

I’m dreading the rest of the cooking but I’m looking forward to the meal, the smiles from my family and the pure joy of all of us together for this holiday. Having five daughters I plan to enlist many of them for active duty in peeling, prep work, dish washing and anything that will make the process of cooking the feast for Thanksgiving day easier for the cook. Post meal they will be called back for active duty to help with the clean up and like W I have no qualms about multiple enlistment.

Mom no longer cooks the turkey due to a near miss experience with a fire, a turkey, and a towel used as an oven mitt that caught fire, caught Mom’s pant’s on fire too. Long story short, she is in therapy and the fire department in the house was able to save her life but not the towel. She misses that towel and I miss her cooking the meal.

We have a few friends coming for dinner and we always enjoy their company. I’ve already told the kids that Daddy has dibs on the couch and the clicker but I have a feeling that the turkey and all the fixings will get the best of me and the NFL game will be turned to the Cartoon Network or some other diabolical anti learning channel. No matter, my eyes will be watching a private screening of whatever my little brain dreams up. HD has nothing on dreams.

From the Bay State to the world, I wish you the best of family and friends in what is the beginning of the holidays we all love the most. Except for the poor folks last standing at the sink washing and cleaning up after the chef. BACK TO YOUR POST!

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for reading our thoughts and creative works here at Papamoka Straight Talk. I’m thankful that my friend Mike Jones post’s his amazing works here and I’m thankful that he is my friend first. I’m personally thankful that you think this site is worthy of your time. Now shut the damn computer off and go enjoy your family and friends!


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Blogger Just Wondering said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Papamoka! I have only one daughter and she is our only child. I cannot imagine being five times as blessed, as you are, because our daughter is that much "too much joy." Enjoy your family this holiday and thank you for visiting and looking kindly on V&V this past year. One of the many things I am thankful for is a community paying attention. The blogosphere is not some random exercise in navel gazing. It's the closest thing, in modern times, to lending voice to pamphleteers. Finally, we might again ponder "Glory be to the highest" (as in best ideas) rather than "Glory be to the loudest." ...

Anyway, happy turkey day and go Joe! Peace be with you.

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful that my cousin is having Thanksgiving (as usual) and that I don't have to cook or anything! That, and my life so far, which I appreciate more now that I'm older and can look back with the objectivity of distance.

Oh, and you do know that you can get cranberry sauce from a can? ;)

6:32 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


Five times as blessed leaves no bathroom time for dad! I thank you for being a supporter and reader of this site. I enjoy V&V because it is a great read. I hope you enjoy the holiday and God bless to you and yours.

TOM!!! Cranberry sauce from a can? LOL!!! Bought two just in case I fudged up the sauce but don't tell anyone.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Michael Linn Jones said...


Many great wishes to you and the family on this day. It has been MY honor for you to allow me to post my thoughts on your site.

Could we borrow Tom Brady for the Panthers? Just for a few years? Or how about the whole team? Just a thought.

Desperat in Carolina :)

3:56 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'd loan you Tom Brady but we have this evil plan to build a Patriot's dynasty and as he gets older in the tooth we are putting him out to stud. See the tabloids for all the details. All of the woman in New England are signed up for the service and the franchise will make more off of him in stud fees than his passing arm.... ROFLMFAO!

I understand Bob Kraft just bought Fruit of the Loom so he will not have to knit booties and such. I'm telling ya it is like the gestapo has taken over New England and everyone is wearing something that says "Patriots".

8:56 PM  

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