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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Revolution Forward 231 Years

America was born out of the desire of freedom from an oppressive government across the Atlantic that taxed our lives into oblivion. Today we are so much closer to that same ideology because our own government is allowing the powers that be to obliterate the middle and lower classes of America. By our leaders doing nothing while our people struggle to pay for gasoline in their cars to get to work and do nothing while we are soon to be frozen in our homes they are feeding the greed or feed mentality of its own existence. Somebody should get a Sharpie and cross out “We the people” and scribble in “We the corporations” on the Constitution.

Every which way you look those charged to defend the people are to busy looking out for what is best for them alone. Ignoring problems such as immigration simply because it might offend immigrants is the topping of the cake that is the do nothing at home Bush plan. We have become a nation of those that have and those that have not. The have not’s will pay the ultimate price to ensure that the haves continue on the path of continued wealth. While the rest of us wonder how to pay the electric or the heating bill this winter, Washington will discuss the dilemma over a couple of meetings and come to mutually assured destruction (MAD) consensus that no plan at all is needed if both sides blame the other in the failure to resolve it.

Is the nation as a whole just imploding with displeasure over the lack of reactions to OUR people’s needs by all levels of our government? Maybe if we renamed our nation the United States of Iraq we might get the attention of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Over at Reuters they have the latest polling numbers on President Bush performance as well as the Congress…

By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Deepening unhappiness with President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress soured the mood of Americans and sent Bush's approval rating to another record low this month, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

The Reuters/Zogby Index, which measures the mood of the country, also fell from 98.8 to 96 -- the second consecutive month it has dropped. The number of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track jumped four points to 66 percent.

Bush's job approval rating fell to 24 percent from last month's record low for a Zogby poll of 29 percent. A paltry 11 percent gave Congress a positive grade, tying last month's record low.

"There is a real question among Americans now about how relevant this government is to them," pollster John Zogby said. "They tell us they want action on health care, education, the war and immigration, but they don't believe they are going to get it."

The dismal assessment of the Republican president and the Democratic-controlled Congress follows another month of inconclusive political battles over a future path in Iraq and the recent Bush veto of an expansion of the program providing insurance for poor children.

The bleak mood could present problems for both parties heading into the November 2008 election campaign, Zogby said.

Washington is losing its peoples faith in its ability to govern. Check the polls over at Reuters to see the peoples discontent in the government. If we as a people accept it as a fact that it is our governments job to only take care of just one class of people then we deserve what we get. If our leaders think that the security of Iraq is more important than your town USA then we have a problem and the polls show that. Then again you could bitch loud and clear at your elected leaders in an email or letter or even a phone call.

If you asked several of your co-workers if they have ever contacted their Congressional Representative or Senator I would be willing to bet that 99.99% would laugh as if you were nuts for asking. Most people honestly believe that the government does not work for them. Government is for business and politicians, or they simply believe that their government does not care about them as an individual and they are partly right! There is a very large disconnect from Washington and our nation. Our leaders do not care about us because we do not tell them to do so. We, the people that elected them think our job is done once we vote and it is not. It is up to us to tell them the issues we care about and are passionate about. If we do not speak to them directly then they are flying blind and thinking that they are doing one “Heck of a job”.

We may not need a revolution to step back from the brink of chaos in our American society but simply to vote in mass displeasure. Vote for change and vote out the elitists that cater to special interest groups. Stop voting for the people that the main stream media tells you whom is best for you. Get involved and contact your leaders in our government and that includes the President. Please send letters with lots of picture cues for the President. He likes lots of pretty colors in the pictures too.


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Anonymous Tom said...

That's really true. I think very few people are in any way active in government, with the possible exception of voting.

I think a lot of it may be that people don't tend to see problems unless they are directly affected. For example, before becoming a student I never worried about the health care debate. I worked for universities that had very generous HMO plans, and I'd have to pay very little.

Now as a full-time student I have a bare-bones PPO (required by the school) and I have to worry when I go in to the MD how much it will cost. And avoid prescription meds unless absolutely necessary. But at least in an emergency I'd have catastrophic coverage. Many people don't even have that. Hospitalization could bankrupt them.

So now I'm much more alert when the subject of health care comes up. Hopefully I'll stay that way when, a year and a half from now, I'm back in the workforce.

6:15 AM  

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