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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Iowa and Bill Richardson

While many of the other candidates are going from rally to rally some of the candidates for President are going from Iowan to Iowan. Without the mega check books to buy dozens of commercials, candidates like Bill Richardson stop to meet and greet the people and actually talk to them. Millions of dollars in a war chest is good for the front running candidates but meeting the people is a gold mine of word of mouth. Having a brother in-law from Iowa I know word of mouth way over here in Massachusetts.

Here in New England we are being carpet bombed with political television and radio ads by the big three of each political party and being the third largest city in New England we have yet to see even one candidate. Romney was our former Governor but he didn’t spend much time here back then so I’m going to give him a pass. A full pass as a reputable candidate. Mitt spent his entire time as Governor running for President everywhere else but his home state that he was supposed to be governing.

I’m conducting a political survey here where you tell me if you have actually met and talked with one on one with anyone running for President of the United States. Post away in the comments section wherever you read this post. Iowans have an advantage over the rest of the nation in this respect. Going to a Barack Obama political superstar event where he is the next rock star does not count. You have to have actually sat in a room, a diner, a living room and talked with any of the candidates.

Bill Richardson is talking one on one with the people out in Iowa and I am a huge fan of that style of campaigning. Over at the LA Times they have this piece on real campaign work by the candidates other than shouting for “MAKE UP!”…

VINTON, IOWA -- Gov. Bill Richardson ends all his stump speeches with the story of a funeral:

After Franklin D. Roosevelt's death in 1945, the president's casket was moved by train from Georgia to New York, where he would be buried. Hundreds of thousands of people came out to pay their respects, lining the tracks as the funeral procession moved north. A reporter traveling on the train decided to interview people at one of the stops.

Among the crowd of mourners, he saw one particularly distraught man.

" 'You must have known the president?' the reporter asked. 'No,' said the man. 'But the president knew me.' "

Richardson pauses for effect.

"That," he says, "is the kind of president I would like to be."

Personal approach

It seems, at times, as if Richardson wants to get to know every Iowan in the state.

He has traveled thousands of miles, visiting 87 of the state's 99 counties. With shallow coffers and a long shot at the Democratic nomination for president, he is making a virtue of necessity.

He doesn't have the money for a large staff or extensive advertising, so he has no choice but to keep going from town to town, coffee shop to coffee shop, reaching out to as many Iowans as possible.

"I'm glad that Iowa is making the decision, not the pundits in Washington," the New Mexico governor told a crowd recently. "Iowans like underdogs . . . and I'm kind of counting on that."
- LA Times

Governor Richardson has the people to people skills on a one on one environment but he sucks in political debate formats. He always appears angry and he has a right to be angry. The format bites! While the rest of the front runners are getting air time with campaign war chests that are overflowing with cash from special interest and the mega elitist that contribute to them, Bill Richardson is being just Bill. Talking to the folks one on one.

What I like about Bill Richardson is that he isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear to get nominated. He is telling you what you need to hear, not in sound bites but in full blown reasoned speeches and chats with the people of Iowa. If you looked at George Bush resume and compared it to Bill Richardson’s you would shake your head and wonder why the hell we elected Bush not once but twice! I won’t even go into the Gore/Bush debate Supreme Court thing and neither should you. That was then, this is now. Good book to read by the way.

What I want for a President is someone that is a true father figure to pull our collective heads out of our back sides. The current resident of the White House has chosen a divide and conquer path to leadership and that has isolated not only America from the world but also divided American’s amongst one another. That is not what I want in my next President. I want to know that he or she is not just looking out for the 50.1% of America but all of Americans.

No matter whom is running for the office, the history of our nation is united in the fact that across all party lines that we never want to see a 9/11 ever again. The dilemma we as voters face is separating the chafe from the wheat from the people that want to meet the people and the ones that believe television advertisement will win the election.

My current standing as a voter:

I’m favoring Richardson for his unbelievable experience and his sense of reality to tell the people what the real facts are concerning the war. He has the mentality of JFK but the fire of Teddy Roosevelt.

I’m favoring Biden as well because of his plans for bringing peace to the world and getting America out of Iraq. He has a plan for Social Security that might just work. Nobody else wants to touch this third rail issue with realistic plans. He flies coach on common carrier to his campaigning commitments across Iowa. Not well funded but definitely a real thinkers contender. If you want bull then don’t listen to Joe.

John Edwards, lost my vote when he failed to drop out when his wife’s cancer returned for the worse. Family is more important. I am sorry if you feel different but that is how I feel. She deserves her husband’s time more than ever than the people do.

Mitt Romney, he was governor? I truly didn’t notice while he was visiting every other state in the Union as Governor. Bringing health care to all of my states resident’s is not a good thing if you are a single working mother and it is mandatory for you to pay half your pay to make Mitt look good. Mitt leaves that little detail out of his MSM commercials for a reason. Let the MSM reporters dig that little detail out before the election. They will not spring that story any time soon. Lost my vote Mitt!

Rudi Giuliani, divorced three times as a Catholic? Those two things do not go together but Pat Robertson thinks it’s cool? I’m thinking Pat had a little bit of throw up in the back of his throat when he endorsed Rudi. Sell out was written all over that endorsement. Ask a New Yorker how Rudi dealt with homeless people and you get the dark side of this candidate.

Hillary Clinton… Umm, I think we need someone that will stand for our seniors and actually answer real questions about Social Security. Planted questioners? What was she thinking? All of the money is on her to actually be the winner of the next election because her campaign is spending the most dollars in the MSM! I’m not listening to the advertisements because they are crap. I think Steve Forbes proved that money does not buy an election. No offense to Steve Forbes intended.

John McCain, I admire his war record and service to our nation but he changed and went Bushism. New religion for him but it is not him. He is not the JM of seven years ago against Bush, against the mentality that Washington owns us all. Something went wrong there.

Denis Kucinich… Not going to happen. Great spot on Comedy Central but keep it real my friend and work the work you are best at.

Ron Paul, not going to happen either. Online support is not crossing party lines of the people that actually vote. I wish him luck though with finishing close.

Getting elected President is not won by the amount of money you have to run on, it is won by the ideas that the people will believe you can accomplish. Right now, ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is a priority. Taking care of the rest of America is a close second.

Show me a candidate that actually cares. I’m finding that candidate in Richardson and Biden. The rest are all running on what you want to hear. Maybe these two guys should converge campaigns and run as a total ticket? Just a thought.


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Anonymous Tom said...

I've never met a candidate personally. I did see Hillary speak when I was in college during the '92 campaign, and saw her briefly a few years later when she toured a hospital I was working at. Always felt she had a certain charisma, a certain toughness, and liked the fact that she seemed to upset the more radical elements of the Left and Right. But now she seems more corrupt and calculating, so I'm not so sure about her anymore...

I did support John Edwards back in '04 and I've liked his focus on poverty, which seems Christian however hypocritical it may seem with all his wealth.

I understand what you say about his wife's cancer, but I think (and this may seem coldly idealistic) that some things can take precedence even over the way Jesus told his followers that they had to leave their families if they wanted to follow him. Does this apply to Edwards and his campaign? I'm not sure, and that's why I'm not sure about him: Will he really make needed changes? Or is he just a slightly more populist version of the other Dems?

I've never felt that Richardson or Biden had a real chance, but they'd be great as Secretary of State.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Dusty said...

Mitt spent his entire time as Governor running for President everywhere else but his home state that he was supposed to be governing.-this cracked me up at 6am :)

I haven't met any of these candidates, but when Gary Hart ran in the 80's I spent time talking to him at a county fair here in Cali.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Let me tell ya Dusty, I live in Mass and I have never seen the man in this state at any function. I think he was a ghost Governor. LOL!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Tom, on the Edwards thing... Would your Mom or Dad forget about one another if one was sick to do something that would take them away from home for months and years? For that matter would you leave someone you love for political gain? Food for thought my friend.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Alex said...


“John Edwards, lost my vote when he failed to drop out when his wife’s cancer returned for the worse. Family is more important. I am sorry if you feel different but that is how I feel. She deserves her husband’s time more than ever than the people do.”

Could Elizabeth Edwards have possibly been an active part of the decision making process, when deciding whether John Edwards should or should not continue his run for the Presidency? If yes, do you still hold to the opinion quoted above; would you prefer to tell John and Elizabeth Edwards how their time should be spent? John, Elizabeth Edwards, and their daughter made a collective decision, by their own statements, which you don’t agree with, so, you judge them for not behaving as you would have behaved if faced with your wife’s cancer? Does your wife have cancer, or is this just your opinion?

Watching Elizabeth Edwards on the campaign trail, with all her fire and passion, makes me believe that she has a voice of her own, and that she was absolutely an active part of the decision making process when deciding what to do when her cancer returned.

Do you, Matt, decide how to best approach the situation that John and Elizabeth Edwards are facing, regardless of their thoughts on the matter?

Matt, I believe that your judgment of them is unfounded and ignorant in a subtle way. (The assumption that you are making is that John Edwards continued his campaign in spite of his family’s needs – as “needs,” in this regard, must be determined by the family members themselves, Elizabeth and their daughters’ opinions on the matter must have been ignored by John Edwards? And, you know that this is what occurred, right?)

12:16 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Alex!!!! Good to see you around again! I hope things are going good for you.

On the Edwards point, I can see where you might come up with the theory you have and that is in fact a possibility. I may have been wrong but the way that I saw the whole event play out on the news left me with an impression that it was all his decision.

Aside from that are you blogging somewhere? I miss some of the heated rants you had from the old days.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Alex said...

No, I have been out of the blogging game.

It is nice to see that your personal blog is gaining readership. Well done!

8:39 AM  

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