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Friday, November 16, 2007

Writers Guild of America Supporter

When it comes time to putting your ideas from your head to the written page not many people can do just that. Some folks like the writers for many of the sitcoms and talk shows you watch every day do just that for a living. I’m just a blogger and my words do not reach a large audience but the writers on strike, their written work does. Every movie you watch, television show, talk show and Broadway play was created by individuals with the gift to write. They deserve a just compensation when the words they have written are successful in any media format.

I’m just one Blogger and I am throwing my full support and appreciation behind the Writers Guild of America. Papamoka Straight Talk is backing all of the writers on strike and all supporters of the WGA till the two parties come to a reasonable agreement. Somewhere in the middle is that possibility and both sides need to talk to one another. Till then I am supporting my fellow brother and sisters in the writing world.

Writers, studios to resume talks, sources say

Richard Verrier and Meg James, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
7:15 PM PST, November 16, 2007

Hollywood's film and TV writers have agreed to go back to the negotiating table Nov. 26 in hopes of etching out a deal with major studios that would end a bruising strike that began two weeks ago. - LA Times

Just a couple of links that are supporting or reporting the WGA strike…

Variety with tons of links and news…

New York Times Strike - TV Decoder… Lots of latest updates

Strike Points… A WGA writers blog with their side of the story

Writers Guild of America, West… Latest and greatest from the union

Supporting Unions everywhere is the only way to progress workers rights and benefits. The studios and the networks will only do what is right if they are forced to do so by this strike.

Shame on the networks and studios for trying to weasel out from what is right.


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Blogger Papamoka said...

Although the above post is obviously about selling T-Shirts and probably spam, I am allowing it to stay posted because it is remotely supporting the writers. Very REMOTELY!

5:43 AM  

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