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Friday, September 14, 2007

What do the Democrats for President Offer?

Picture courtesy of the White House... panoramic view

Somewhere in the process of finding out what a Presidential candidate is saying and what the sound bite is, you can sometimes see where the candidates true stance is on any issue. Political writers make a fortune for writing good copy that is read or recited ten thousand times over and over by the same person in just one campaign swing. Being human, even our best political practitioners do not buy the mush that is supposed to come out of the money making end of a politician.

Right now the fifty or so contenders for the Democrats nomination for President are talking to anyone that will listen. I don’t buy the two minute blurb on the news from any candidate because you know it was a practiced response. Give me the drive by microphone as the relaxed candidates are leaving an event and I’ll believe those unprepared captured comments any single day of the week.

The Democrats running for President have had yet another venue to put their latest points of view on multiple issues facing America and Slate has this great little factoid finding piece on the before and after positions. No drive by microphone quotes but I’m dumpster diving the internet looking…

The Great Presidential Mashup
What the Democrats have to say about health care, Iraq, and more.

On Sept. 12, Slate co-sponsored the first-ever online-only presidential mashup with Yahoo! and the Huffington Post. Armed with your questions, Charlie Rose asked the top Democratic presidential candidates about their views on health care, Iraq, education, and other issues. Their video responses, posted on Yahoo! and linked to below, are coded and at your disposal—allowing you to create your own custom candidate forum.

Also below, you'll find John Dickerson's commentary on the event, as well as transcripts of how the candidates responded to the questions. We've also provided you with links to statements the candidates have previously made on these issues.
- Slate

Real life comments from the Presidential candidates that I would love to hear played over and over on CNN, MSNBC or any news broadcast.

Note: This is all imagined and made up. No facts other than this writers personal delusion are to blame.

Hillary Clinton Democrat in the limo after the You Tube Debate… “There is more than one village missing it’s idiot so shut the F**k up Bill!”

Denis Kucinich Democrat after any media coverage dialing his cell phone … “Mommie, did ya see me on the television! I was on television Mommie!”

Joe Biden Democrat on a post media blitz in Wyoming… “I’m going to need the heavy oxygen if I’m going to make these next 2,346,972 stump speeches. So as I was saying War and Peace starts off with…

Fred Thompson Republican before announcing his candidacy on Jay Leno… “Hail Mary full of gravy and fruit of the loom. Our Father Art Buchwald, hallowed be Notre Dame.”

Barack Obama Democrat post any political debate… “Did you see what that bitch did to me? Damn!”

Mitt Romney Republican after visiting the windy city of Chicago… “Get Walter Mondale on the damn phone! Find out what he uses for hair care products in Chicago. My hair is all messed up and I’m having a frigging conniption here people! Work with me people, work with me?”

Rudi Giuliani Republican after any debate… “Call the f*&%ing Don, I want a hit on that son of a bitch! What do you mean I put the Don in jail?”

John Edwards Democrat after a Two Americas speech… “Get Mitt on the phone and see if we are still on for the manicure and pedicure debate tonight and move my 9:15, 9:45 and 10:25 hairstylists appointments out by five minutes each.”

Chris Dodd Democrat after a speech on parenting in America… “Damn it I have to stop and pick up diapers and pull ups for the kids. Stop the car over at Wal-mart, I have a coupon for fifty cents off. (Cell phone rings) Oh crap, Imus is calling again. I’m not answering that call!”


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LOL! I love the Fred Thompson comment!

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