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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Our Nation Once had Leaders

Picture Courtesy of Fred08

In politics today it is more of public opinion and stardom than it is about what you actually can achieve once elected. Fred Thompson proved that fact by wiping out what was said by the debaters at the actual Republican Presidential debate with his five minutes of fame on Jay Leno last night. Welcome to the elections run by timing and an audience larger than a boring political debate.

I give Fred the actor prop’s for knowing how the tube works and how the mains stream media works. Fred announced his Republican bid for the Presidency to an audience of ten to twenty million viewers. Over at the debate they were lucky to have seven million viewers. Scales of justice and the main stream media proved out today who really won the debate and he wasn’t even there!

Some folks say that Freddy is a horrible public speaker and some say that he isn’t about the presenting of the idea as much as he is about getting the battle won to make the message law. Others say he could not handle the non stop back stabbing that is our nations gentleman halls of government.

That fact perplexes me? Why did he quit the Senate? Did he or did he not say that nothing could be accomplished in Washington, D.C.?

If I were given the choice of anyone opposing Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barrack Obama, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden or John Edwards then I would definitely cast my ballot for the Democrat over Fred the actor Thompson. Better air time on the networks does not make you fit to lead. It only makes you television savvy.

I was listening to talk radio today and they were pointing out the leaders of the election and I was sickened by the fact that they were declaring certain people the only ones that could win. I’m not saying that Fred Thompson is out of the running but does anyone know what he really stands for? All of the contenders on both sides have spoken and been heard. How can you say that somebody out of the blue might steal the race? You can’t!

This race for President has not even started yet and the people are not paying enough attention to it yet. I’m following it as best I can and even I think it is to early to declare the White House for any party. The people will decide that fact when the votes are counted in 2008.

Leaders of our nation are born through life trials and not by the offices they have served in or held. Our nations Presidency is not decided by the media, it is decided by one vote cast by many people that becomes the office of President.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous for the media to assume who's gonna take the lead in the race for pres. especially this early.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

It is indeed too early, but with not much to talk about yet the only thing they can do is speculate...

And given the power the media has in the political arena, I'm afraid that how media-savvy a politician is may well matter more than their experience.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I have to agree with ya anonymous and Tom. I especially detest the MSM telling us who are the real ones to watch.

5:34 PM  

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