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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wake Up America

Every Presidential candidate out on the political trail has the same stump speech to give. What is wrong with America and how they are going to fix it? The only problem with that scenario is that they only want to fix that which affects them alone. Or for that matter what effects only the people at the top of the pig pile that is American politics.

Campaign speeches are nice but the fact of the matter is that no matter how much they talk about fixing the educational system in America, not one of them will be able to do so. It does not matter how passionate they are about fixing the health care crisis in our nation, they can not do it alone. All of the empty promises are for not if the White house is filled with a man or woman unable to govern for all of the people. If the Congress is not backing the President then the Presidency is a lame duck at the mercy of the Congress.

Turn the page, the Congress is having a mass migration of Republican Senators and Congressmen into retirement or resignation. The battle for America is on and the people have a chance to take it back. Republican political party leaders and current members are not the Ronald Reagan Republican’s. President Reagan hated corruption and waste in our government and frankly so do I. His idea of his political party has been hijacked by the worst possible dream that he could have ever envisioned. Corruption and arrest charges are not the Reagan Republican Party. That however is the current problem with the past political party affiliation of Ronald Reagan.

Times change, people change. Politics of yesterday can change in a heart beat but the honesty and respect that the American people will always look for can not and should not be taken for granted. While the flood gates of Senators and Congressmen from the Republican Party that are not seeking re-election opens up, in the next election the people need to decide who is telling the truth and whom is blowing smoke up the back side of your anatomy.

What is the ultimate beauty of our political system is that with your own vote you have the ultimate decision. Return the same ideology to our nation’s government or take a fresh breath and hope that the newbie will fulfill at least one or two election promises.


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Anonymous Tom said...

The older I get the less convinced I become that the political changing of the guard can really make a difference.

Sure, it looks like we'll have more Democratic influence in government, but if the American people are unwilling to change course, I'm not sure it will matter, in the long run, who is in the White House.

6:59 AM  

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