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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Census Bureau Cancels Deportation in 2010

Counting of the people every ten years is one hell of a tough job and I can understand the dilemma of the Census Bureau when counting illegal immigrants to America. Their job is in fact to count all of the people regardless of citizenship or legality of that residency requirement.

As liberal and blue state blooded that I am I find it ridiculous for the Census Bureau to request that immigration enforcement agencies stop deportation of illegal aliens for any time period. Any person that works with numbers on a daily basis knows that if you deliberately take out any part of the equation it will skew the results that the experiment is looking to study. Stopping the legal government deportation of illegal aliens would make the next census useless.

That is where the hairs on the back of my neck go up and low and behold that same request would feed into the hands of the political philosophy that immigrants are a pox on America. Making illegal immigrants look like an invasion on our shores would feed into what political machine in 2012?

Immigrants are a constant in the American population whether you like it or not. Stopping the deportation process for any reason serves only one purpose and that is to make all immigrants, legal or illegal a political weapon for political parties to stand against.

Over at the Chicago Tribune they have this to say about the request to stop deportation in 2010...

Census Bureau Wants to Halt 2010 Raids
Associated Press Writer
6:45 PM CDT, August 16, 2007

WASHINGTON - The Census Bureau wants immigration agents to suspend enforcement raids during the 2010 census so the government can better count illegal immigrants.

Raids during the population count would make an already distrustful group even less likely to cooperate with government workers who are supposed to include them, the Census Bureau's second-ranking official said in an Associated Press interview.

Deputy Director Preston Jay Waite said immigration enforcement officials did not conduct raids for several months before and after the 2000 census. But today's political climate is even more volatile on the issue of illegal immigration.

Snip - A - Roooooo

Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, said the intense debate over immigration has made immigrants even more suspicious of the government today.

"The Census Bureau has a job to do," said Vargas, who belongs to a committee that advises the bureau on the 2010 census. "They need to convince people that they need to report themselves to the federal government and that it's going to remain confidential. That's a hard sell."

Supporters of stricter immigration laws said the whole discussion of suspending raids shows that the immigration system is broken.

"If you don't enforce your laws, this is what you are going to get, one agency asking another agency to subvert the law," said Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates stricter enforcement of immigration laws.
- Chicago Tribune

I’m guessing that this is just a political chess game that will play out a couple of years down the road in the race for president in 2012. You have to really think long term when it comes to issues like immigration. Both political parties are fighting the procedures and laws required to fix it so who is up to this latest strategy? That is an answer I don’t have. Just something for you to tuck away in the back of your mind to think about a few years from now.

Same paper and the same article…

One lawmaker said she thinks "it's nuts" for the Census Bureau to ask for a break in enforcement.

"I don't know what country the Census Bureau is living in," Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said in a telephone interview from her district. "I can tell them the American people have grown sick and tired of their immigration laws not being enforced. They are not going to tolerate enforcement being suspended for any amount of time."

The Constitution requires the Census Bureau to count everyone, including illegal immigrants, in the census. The once-a-decade population count is then used to apportion seats in Congress and to appropriate billions of dollars in federal spending each year.

Miller has introduced a constitutional amendment that would apportion seats in Congress based only on the number of U.S. citizens in each state.
- Chicago Tribune

One question regarding this latest point in the article and this Congressional Members outrage, isn’t the Census Bureau under the Bush administration? Could this be micro managing by President Cheney… I mean Bush on forwarding the agenda of promoting the party politic?

I for one do not trust any lawmakers that want a Constitutional Amendment change when we have a perfectly good Congress and Senate at our disposal. What the hell is she so afraid of?

Immigrants are coming to our shores from every single nation around the world and changing our Constitution is not the answer. Changing the laws regarding immigration so that it works is the only answer.

My wife forwarded me an email recently that talked about the trials in life in comparison to boiling water that is our daily lives and what is put into it. Carrots in boiling water become soft and change to suit the temperature of the water. Eggs become hard when boiled and loose the ability to change forever other than a solid. Coffee beans however change the boiling water around them to become something for all to enjoy. That my friends is the melting pot that is America. Those of us that fear change the most are the people and leaders to fear the most.


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