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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Boston Racist Talk Radio

In one of the bluest of blue states is a growing angry right wing political movement that harkens back to the early days when racism was cool, when it was okay to look down on your fellow man with disgust because they simply just did not fit in. Boston and New England has been doing this very same thing generation after generation for centuries and the only thing that has changed is the nationality or race of the people that the blue bloods attack. Trust me, I grew up with an Archie Bunker father but a Maude mother, and thank God above for my mother!

Jay Severin in the Boston talk radio media thought it was okay to deface an entire people based on the swine flue that has raced across the nation just like every other flue. His racist attitude and derogatory comments towards everyone that is of Mexican descent is disgusting and I for one that happens to live in New England will not put up with it. Check out this video from Ed Schultz from MSNBC on the self righteous pig that Severin is…

Video Link

Criminaliens? Please tell me that Jay Severin is not the “Potential” spokesman for the new Republican Party! I would so much love it if he were. Then I could go toe to toe with him and just label him as a bigot and a racist. Then I could go on as to how the same mentality screwed over Irish immigrants from the 1860’s to the 1930’s and beyond until my ancestors learned to join the democracy and change the system to an American inclusive society where the Irish ran the police departments, they ran the city governments, and they eventually immigrated to the federal government. Eventually, elected an Irish Catholic to the Presidency and a Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neil. These same Irish Jay Severin would have called the scum of society and the least "Primitive" of people at the time. Tell you what Mr. Severin, my Irish grandfather was your so called Mexican less than one hundred years ago and I have no patience for your intollerance of your fellow man just because they look different or happen to speak a language you do not understand.

Jay Severin is racist, an elitist, and a wealthy man that made his money off of the backs of citizens that think it is still cool to use the term “Wet Back” or “Nigger” or any other racist terminology to describe an American citizen that he believes threatens his great white race. What pisses Jay Severin off is the fact that someone of Mexican descent actually worked thier ass off to afford and pay a mortgage, buy a house, and they had the audacity to move into his closeted yet in his mind perfect definition of what the world should be. A world where everyone is white, everyone is blonde and blue eyed, preferably from Iceland, and they will all bow to his demand that he has a far higher intellect than everyone he knows or condescends to speak to. Jay Severin is a racist scumbag and the radio station he works for and their advertisers should have nothing to do with his message of hate.

Jay Severin and his lawyers or spokesman will try to spin this into a Liberal and left wing hanging of the opposition. That is what I would do. In respect to the rest of the crew of WTKK FM Talk Radio in Boston, Jay should just take his opinions out of New England much like the Dinosaurs moved on to greener pastures and into the history and science books we all learn from today. Take his hate of all Hispanics and his definition of "Criminaliens" off to the lands he sees as the perfect society. Maybe the rest of the WTKK staff will survive if he just exit’s the species that is talk radio on this extreme right wing radio station. My apologies to Jim Braude, the lone Liberal still on the air at WTKK 96.9 FM.

“No Jay Severin’s need apply here“. That should be, and is a sign you can proudly put up in your window or store front. You sir, Jay Severin, get a formal “Screw You” Papamoka one finger salute! America and her melting pot of people have no time for you or the folks that think or believe like you that we can blame any nationality for our nations problems. When the Mexican argument of blame runs out, who is he going to go after next? Think about it!


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Blogger oofda said...

Severin's real name is 'Severino'-which would appear to be an Italian name. The Italians suffered the same bigotry as the Irish, perhaps worse in many cases. Interesting that he changed his name to be less 'ethnic' (although 'Severin' sounds like a Russian name) and then goes on to bash certain ethnic groups. Remember that Severin claimed for over 25 yearss that he had a Master's degree -- someone checked and found that was false. Tells a lot about the guy.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous del patterson said...

Great Article.

Just goes to show that compassionate conservatism is, well we all knew it, a relative term.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love these types that will say literally anything to attract an audience of like minded listeners.This guy manages to slink even lower than (the aptly named)Savage,which is no mean feat in itself.These punks have desensitized culture to the point now that folks think the fact that this is pure hate is "debatable".Um,no.It's hate.Plain and simple.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Severino OOFDA? I didn't know that. I did however know about his fake Masters Degree.

Thank ya Del!

Anon, you got it right that he will say anything to draw attention and in this case he 100% said the wrong thing.

8:24 PM  

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