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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Bernie Sanders to Meet with Obama

Obama will meet with Sanders in Washington on Thursday, the same day the Vermont senator plans to hold a rally there. The meeting was arranged “at Senator Sanders’ request,” Earnest said, and the two will discuss “how to build on the extraordinary work he has done to engage millions of Democratic voters, and to build on that enthusiasm in the weeks and months ahead.” - Huffington Post

Bernie Sanders asked for this meeting at the White House with President Obama, the head of the Democrat Party.  I don’t think this articles summation is even closely accurate as to what the meeting will be about.  If you were Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Party threw every tactic at you to black ball you out of the race for President with every tool they had available, would you go to the White House with hat in hand knowing that all the polls show that Bernie Sanders beats Trump far greater than Hillary Clinton could ever dream of?    

Bernie has FOUR ACES up his sleeve to discuss with the President. 

The first Ace is that the polling data in head to head against Trump, Bernie Sanders would be the next President.  And in order to be the next President you must have the Independent Vote which was not reflected for the most part in many states during the primary.  Independent’s now out number the Democrat Party as a stand alone party and the GOP as a stand alone party.  Bernie Sanders is the longest serving Independent in the congress. 

The second Ace Bernie has is that you must get crossover votes from the Republican Party and Bernie Sanders has many moderate Republicans that will never vote for Hillary but will vote for Bernie over Trump.  Even the GOP is running away from Trump as well as mega donors like the Koch brothers that will not be giving a dime to his campaign for President.  Their political party is in free fall and Trump is losing endorsements from within his own party. 

The third Ace, the campaign that Bernie Sanders has built is far larger than anyone thinks it is.  He can post an email for a candidate and the people donate from all across America to support that candidate to the next congress.  His coattails are longer than any president in decades if not a century.  He is bringing voters back to the polls and he is a social media monster in that ability.  Most of that is done by people on their own accord and not even affiliated with his campaign.  When the main stream media blacked out Bernie Sanders, social media spread the words of his speeches to friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers that just happen to come across a feed from a friend of a friend liking a post on facebook.

The fourth Ace is the one that could sink both Hillary and Trump.  Bernie Sanders requested the meething with President Obama to tell the head of the Democrat Party that the jig is up.  A Bernie Sanders third party run is inevitable given all the dirty tricks of the Democrat Party and its leaders that were one sided from the start for Clinton.  First the Data Breach scandal, where the Sanders team alerted the DNC to the breach of the firewall between the two campaigns.  Then they tried to block the Sanders campaign from their own data and email lists.  Then the purging of voters that mostly seemed to happen only to Sanders supporters in state after state.  They broke their word, they broke the law, and they lied to Bernie over and over again.  Bernie Sanders should not and will not be bound by his promise to not run as a third party candidate when the Democrat Party shoveled every dirty trick and tactic at him.

And as the last card put on the table the president will have no argument as to why Bernie Sanders should not run as a third party candidate for President.

Bernie Sanders will have my vote over Clinton or Trump in a heartbeat.  He has more class and morals than those two times one thousand.  And I would donate my few bucks as often as I could and every single chance that I can to make sure Bernie Sanders is the next President of the United States of America!    


#BernieSanders #NeverHillary #BernieorBust
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