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Saturday, May 07, 2016

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

America is in a world of trouble.  Our infrastructure is collapsing, our schools are in shambles, income inequality is out of control, and our political system seems to be bought and paid for by the elites of the nation.  Our middle class is shrinking and the poor get even poorer.  We the people need a leader that will fight for us, defend us, and lead us to better days.  That would be you Bernie.

We need a leader that isn’t afraid to stand up to special interest and even shut them down.  When banks and mortgage companies defraud people then we need to call them on it.  When corporations deceive and poison our environment we need someone to call them on it.  When corporations move our good paying jobs out of the country we need a strong leader to call them to heal.  When our friends and family are going without health care we need a strong leader to right that wrong.  Far too many people are dying because the cost of health care is too high. 

We the people stand behind you on many issues.  We are not just Democrat or Republican but also Independent voters.  We are the ones driving your campaign and funding it because we believe in your message and your fight for doing what is right.  All over America we are volunteering for you, talking up you message, and people are very open to what you have to say.  We come to the rallies in massive numbers because you are what America is dying of thirst to hear.

We the people are behind you and will bring you a congress that will change America if you are our next president.  We the people are supporting people that back you down the ticket and we will vote for them.  That is the next congress.  But the election and system is rigged against you.  We see it, I’m sure you see it.  All of your political consultants have probably told you that the system is rigged.  We are not buying it. 

These next couple of weeks you should do well and we hope that you will have many surprising landslides against your opponent.  Unless there are some election problems like closing of polling places and blatant changing of voters registrations to keep them from voting.

We the people ask that you fight to the end.  Stay in this race.  The rules the DNC asked you to commit to they have already broken many times over.  They are your opponents strong arm.  Stick to the end.  The chairwoman of the DNC will not be in the next congress.

We the people are backing the best person to lead America into the coming decade.  Bringing our nation up and giving people a living wage. 

When we Democrats get to the convention, and as you said it will be contested, we will fight hard for you Senator Sanders.  This race for President is far from over.  We can elect a leader with integrity and honesty.  But, big old but, if the system is rigged and we all see it, and want to vote for you across all party lines then don’t you think that we the people should have Bernie Sanders on the ballot come next November? 

We need you more now than ever Bernie.  Don’t give up on us.

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