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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Take a look at the guy from Vermont

Bernie Sanders is the guy from Vermont you want to look at.  Check his voting record out.  His record in the Senate and the Congress are all about the people.  He has backed or authored legislation for our elderly, our veterans, our kids schools, healthcare for all, and the list goes on and on.

Bernie Sanders is blowing away anyone running for president online.  The polling data is not even closely accurate.  How can a guy that shows up for a rally in Birmingham, Alabama draw 7,000 people?  Last time I checked Alabama was a die hard red state.  Red states are feeling the Bern and love Bernie Sanders.  Every event he shows up at in Iowa is to overflowing crowds.  Some town where the population is just 300 people including children and 700 people show up to hear his message.  People are driving over a hundred miles to hear him speak.  That fact is true because it happens EVERYWHERE he speaks.  In blue states, he fills to over capacity huge venues of over 20,000 people and has to have overflow crowds watch on monitors.  The data of the polls is way off base.  In every political blue states he is on fire with huge crowds having to move venues to larger and larger locations because the demand to see him is that huge.  Now in Red States he is having to move to bigger and bigger venues.  His opponent could reserve a few tables at Denny's to hold an event.  Crowd control is not a problem in their campaign. 

Side bar, what does it say about a Democrat/Independent/Democrat Socialist candidate for President of the United States of America message when he goes to die hard GOP states and holds a rally and 7,000 people come out to see him.  It says volumes.  Alabama is feeling the Bern.

Bernie Sanders is on the heartbeat of America and he is on fire.  He will win Iowa and New Hampshire by a landslide.  While I write this post his numbers are climbing in South Carolina and Nevada.  The so called "Fire Wall" for his opponent is crumbling because his opponent can not even grasp the idea of how to really get in touch with the people. The ability to insert or give enthusiasm to the people just is not there.  It's almost like she knows she is the next president, demands she is the next president, and knows she will be the next president.  Her big corporate sponsors are demanding it too.  Nobody is feeling the love though like they do for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders fight is our fight.  He does not have a Super PAC and he does not need one if We the People are funding his campaign.  His message is real, his attack plan once President is simple.  Bernie Sanders is going to fight for us and we are going to have to have his back once he is elected.  This campaign is not over once he takes the oath of office.  Bernie is going to need us ALL more than ever when he pushes his Medicare for all plan.  Bernie is going to need us all for his free college tuition at state colleges.  Bernie is going to need us all when he fights to correct our criminal justice system.  I could go on and on but you get the picture.  This battle does not end when we vote for him for President. 

We the people are the POLITICAL REVOLUTION.  We the people will have to stand up and be pitch fork carrying citizens to prod the congress to passing his and our wish list.  It is our country we are going to have to fight for an
d we can do that.  OR, we could vote Democrat across the ballot.  The House and Senate have to go blue for Bernie Sanders presidency to have a chance for all the programs he wants to pass.  If the House and Senate stay in control of the Republicans then he will face the same dilemma as President Obama.  A do nothing and obstructionist Congress.

We the People own our Government.  Time to stand up and join the Bernie Sanders political revolution.

Are you with us?  Donate.  He can't help you if you don't fund him.  BERNIE SANDERS FOR PREZ


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