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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope to Resign

I have been a member of the Catholic Church my entire life.  I was raised as the baby boy in a family of seven kids in an Irish home and by God in the Catholic faith.  I was married in the Catholic church.  All of my children were Christened into the faith.  I am still sort of a member of the Knights of Columbus that is the little arm of each parish of men that do what they can to help the local parish out by raising money and promoting the parish.  You may have seen some of our older members that have swords and big hats and dark capes in parades.  Don't mess with us or we will mess you up.  Past that, Jesus and I have a close personal friendship and me and his dad are good to go.  That is a fact that I have full faith in.  No building or person can change that relationship.

I however I am not so good with the current leadership of the Catholic faith called Pope Benedict XVI.  He is resigning for health reasons and my Turrets kicks in calling Bullshit. He over saw under John Paul II the genocide of children's trust and future faith in God and knew of child abuse by priests all over the world and looked the other way.  FOR DECADES? 

My faith in God is not changing but my faith in the church leadership is.  Our faith needs a strong Pope that will have zero tolerance for child abuse by the people that lead the flock into Christ even at the lowest level.  I'm sure that the closings of many churches all across America are due to people much like myself that can not trust the church to protect our children.  And with that loss of trust goes loss of regular membership, regular attendance, and regular stipends.

My personal belief is that we will not see that kind of leadership till the next couple of Pope's pass away and with them the ideology that hiding abusive monsters in your ranks is the same as protecting the church from shame. Pull up a chair Lucifer, you want milk with dinner or whiskey?

The Catholic faith can rebuild but it will take a strong Pope.  Cleaning house and casting the people that refuse to accept Jesus and God truly into their hearts as servants of God by abusing children.  Pedophiles priests can leave the dinner party at the alter with Lucifer.  Then again, they abused children so they probably do not believe in the devil or they would not have abused the kids in the first place.  Open records from the church would help every single state find nice six by eight cells that might make a nice home for pedophile priests for life.

Anywho, here is your gold watch Benny 16 and we shall see you at the Christmas party and dinner.  I need to go wash my hands.

Speak up Catholic's of America!  Do you want open records for child abuse from the Catholic Church?  


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