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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Deval Patrick Blizzard 2013

The picture to your left is people stranded in their cars in New York.  For how long, I can not tell you.  They didn't issue an order to stay off the roads in New York during the February 8th and 9th blizzard.

You have to give credit to Governor Deval Patrick for being smart and shutting down all vehicle traffic in Massachusetts as the February 2013 blizzard was about to hit.  Back in 1978 thousands of people were trapped in cars on highways and streets all across the state.  I remember that storm all to well because my Aunt Kitty O'Keefe, that I loved very much, was one of those folks that was stranded.  She hoofed it back through the snow from Route 9 in Southboro to her work place at Commonwealth Gas.  It was her birthday and we had cake waiting for her at home.  We didn't get to have cake till she got home.  Aunt Kitty spent the better part of that week hunkered down at work in her payroll office.  We forgot about the cake and worried about her for days.

From all reports that I have heard the number of stranded people because they were idiots was at a minimum in Massachusetts because Governor Patrick was well learned of the blizzard of 78.  Smart move Governor.  Really smart move.

Thank you Governor for shutting the state down and keeping our family and friends safe. You rock dude.


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