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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sun System Designs

Solar Hot Air Window Heater on You Tube.  Put a like on our video if you like renewable energy from the sun.

With the rising cost of just surviving in the world today it is getting harder and harder to stay ahead of the bills to just heat your home during the winter.  I find myself trying to help people heat their homes virtually for free by experimenting with various different solar heating boxes that can be put in a south facing window inside of your home that is getting full sun, or larger units that can be mounted outside of the home or business.  I find inspiration in what Thomas Edison said, he found over 1000 ways not to make the light bulb.

I've built the premium of solar hot air window heaters in the form of a two foot square box.  Unlike other solar hot air window heaters I included a heat retention system that holds the heat longer, hotter, and more consistent.  Then I ramped up the design with a patented coating that captures the spectrum of sunlight rays to heat just a two foot square box.  Ramped it up again with a programmable fan system that can turn the fan on at what ever temperature you want and shut the fan off at whatever temperature you want.  I recommend 120F on and 90F off for the system but this feature isn't found anywhere else.  Our solar window heater box still heats up after it hits 120F while it is blowing free heat into your room.  I have seen it hit 135F after the fan had been running for several ours on a clear sunny November day.

The best part of the unit is the size of it.  With a two foot square box you can put it in any window that will get full sun for several hours.   Put it in an east facing window in the morning that is getting full sun and you have free heat after the unit warms up.  Move the box to a south facing window just before noon and you get free heat from the sun.  Move it to a west facing window in the early afternoon and you get free heat from the sun.  

Check out my web page at Sun System Designs for basic information on solar hot air heating.  If you get a chance and happen to be on Facebook then you can follow our testing progress of our solar hot air window heaters.  Find Sun System Designs on Facebook and put a like on our main page if you are into renewable energy products.


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