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Monday, March 12, 2012

Limbaugh Advertisers

I recently saw a piece about Rush Limbaugh on his own site stating that all of the advertisers that quit his show is really not a concern and he is right. Rush Limbaugh makes his money off of syndicating his show nationwide. The stations that run his program pay for the right to run his program. National advertisers are really no concern of his. He just speaks into the mike and the words go nation wide. The only people suffering from his idiocy are the local radio stations that carry his show.

Maybe a grass roots campaign is in order to show the little fat man on Viagra what woman in America think of his statements. Make the effort and call the local radio station and ask them to take Rush Limbaugh off the air. If he said that Sandra Fluke was a slut he meant that she was a slut for using birth control. You can't say oops on something you were so passionate about on the air nationwide and then take it back with a web site apology. Even Don Imus had the balls to go and face the woman he accosted on the air to apologize. Now that was owning up to being wrong. Rush Limbaugh will never own up to being wrong because he actually believes that he is right. His apology is strictly financial in reason.

It is nice to see that a list of Limbaugh advertisers that have dropped his show nationwide is coming out. The more the better. I stole this list from Think Progress...

21st Century Insurance • • Rite Aid • Ace Hardware • Honda • Robitussin • Acura • IBM • Sam Adams • Advance Auto Parts • Icy Hot • Sam’s Club • Advil (All products) • Intuit/Small Business • Schiff – Digestive Advantage • Alacer/Emergen-C • Schiff – Mega Red • Allegra (all products) • Johnson & Johnson (All Brands) • Schiff – Move Free • Kohl’s • Schiff – Sustenex • Ally Bank • La Quinta • Scotts Miracle-Gro (all products) • American Express • Lifetime • Autozone • Little Caesars • Sony • Lowe’s • State Farm • British Petroleum • Luxottica • Staples • Bullfrog Sunblock • Macy’s • Sterling/Kay Jared Jewelers • Caltrate • MasterCard • Subway • Centrum • McDonalds • Takeda Uloric • Chapstick • Midas • The Home Depot • Clorox (Pinesol/Homecare) • Napa Auto Parts • ThermaCare • Cortizone • National Realtor • Toyota • DeVry • NBC-TV • Discover Card • Office Depot • Twinings of London • Domino’s Pizza • Office Max • Tyson/Wright Brand Bacon • Exxon/Exxon Mobil • One Main Financial • Unisom • Farmers Insurance • United Healthcare • Ford • Orkin • U.S. Army • Outback • U. S. Postal Service • General Motors (All products -GM Certified Service • Chevy • Onstar • Cadillac • etc) • Preparation H • Visa • Gold Bond (all products • ProNutrients (all products) • Walgreens • Grainger • Progressive Insurance • Wal-Mart • Green Mountain Coffee • Prudential • Wells Fargo • Hallmark • Radio Shack • Wrigley • H&R Block • Rent-A-Center • Yahoo!

I think they are saying something to you Mr. Limbaugh and it isn't Atta Boy! But you know better because your brain is on loan from God. Maybe God should foreclose?


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