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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Vegan Lifestyle

I've heard many good things about having a complete Vegan diet but as someone that was raised on meat and potato's I'm not sure if I buy it one hundred percent. I know for a fact that a diet high in meat of any kind can cause health problems but I also know that a diet that is full of just vegetables is extremely good for you. But I like burgers, I like steak, I even like chicken and pork. I can't see myself living a strictly Vegan lifestyle when it comes to my diet. I think I suffer from the old "Son of a meat eater disorder" syndrome and may never have the ability to change.

This woman however has lived a Vegan lifestyle for almost thirty years and she appears to be ageless...

My girlfriend is Vegan and she has the beauty and for the most part the health of a woman half her age. Many of the nutrients that people say that vegan's can not get by refusing to eat meat and dairy product is hogwash. Some of the seeds that she eats are higher by almost three times in the same oils that you get by eating a piece of fish. Calcium is another nutrient that some people say that vegan's can not get because they do not eat dairy products but she can get more calcium and have it absorbed better by the body with the green leafy plants that she has in her diet. The combination of her diet lets her body process nutrients differently and maybe more efficiently than a person with the FDA food pyramid diet. When you have less animal fats in your diet then your body does not need the additional nutients and enzymes that you get from other sources.

It makes you wonder about the way we lived and ate when we were younger, when our parents were younger, about all of the serious health problems facing the new generations of people. Where was all of the ADHD and ADD, and child diabetes that we see diagnosed in children today back in the sixties and early seventies? We no longer breast feed our children because the doctors recommend baby formula. Which is all processed chemicals with vitamins added, calories added, nutrients added, and of course sugar and etc added. No antibodies as yet but I'm sure that is in the works in some test laboratory somewhere. We no longer feed our babies vegetables that you steam and mash because they need the added nutrients that are inserted into baby food. As they get older we feed them canned pasta, canned vegetables, breakfast from a box of processed ingredients. Milk that is engineered to not be milk but a nutritional supplement delivery device. All natural juice that only has 2% real fruit juice. What the hell is the other 98%? One thing for sure is that real fruit juice may also be an acceptable term by the FDA for something that isn't even really fruit juice at all!

Part of many of these processed ingredients we have in our food today are sugar and preservatives that our bodies may not know how to process in such high quantities other than expelling it into fatty tissues to be burned off years after the expiration date on the original box, can, or bottle.

Eating healthy in America is a very hard thing to do in the age of drive up windows and food ready to eat out of a box in a grocery store. All you can do is read the labels and start to educate yourself on what is real and what is an ingredient that should not be in your food. Biggest alert for ingredient label readers is the term "Natural Flavors". It makes you wonder if anything is natural anymore?

Be careful out there in the supermarket. Some of that stuff you casually toss into your cart while you talk on your cell phone can be toxic. MSG and all the other chemical additives is just chemicals that were designed outside of nature for your taste buds that make your mind think you are eating really good stuff but what you actually have in your mouth is processed crap chemically engineered.

You can look into organic foods. I've been checking that out lately with my girlfriend. Forget about the fruits and veggies you see at your grocery market these days. If they don't say organic then they are probably developed hybrid foods that have been engineered to fill your belly but not your nutritional needs. Then add all of the chemicals and pesticides used to keep the bugs off of them while they were growing. And if they are out of season but your market has them then they are imported from South America where pesticides are king. The more the better!

Do yourself a favor and grow your own garden and know what is being put on your table. Plant a few fruit trees and can the veggies and fruits. Is there any other more trusted label than your own writing on the lid saying that it was canned last fall? Now that is something that even I can do.

We were out for dinner last night at Caleco's, I was going to get the steak but decided to go for the club salad. Meat, cheese, and salad stuff in it. It was enough salad to feed a family of four! I'm working my way towards a healthier diet. I am almost a vegetarian. Almost. One step at at time.

Bon apetite!


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Anonymous Chell said...

"Eating healthy in America is a very hard thing to do in the age of drive up windows and food ready to eat out of a box in a grocery store." - So true. The best advice I ever heard was to only shop the outer "layer" of the supermarket. In other words, stay away from the middle aisles, where the processed foods are. When I was a kid, my mother had us all on a vegetarian diet for a while. It wasn't vegan, so we could still have delicious honey, and milk and eggs were not out of the question. But I'm happily an omnivore, and believe that if you follow the "everything in moderation" rule, meat in the diet is perfectly healthy. It is best to buy organic when you can, but don't skip out on eating altogether just because either organic isn't available at the time or it is priced too high. Yup, homegrown veggies are best. Nothing like eating them right in the garden!

9:11 PM  

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