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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Political Humor and Must Laugh Links

Given the current political situation in our nation’s capitol where it seems funny as hell to not do the people’s business I thought it would be nice to have a few laughs on them. Pick a political subject or any politician and they are all guilty of telling you who is to blame for NOT getting the job done. Rather than let it turn your stomach sick it is probably best for your well being to have a good laugh or two. This is just a quick roundup of political humor sites that I thought were pretty damn funny. Let me know what you think?

Must see and must laugh headline news video laughs

Updated news on Tilikum the Killer Whale being a GOP operative

Political humor for the Left Coast

Open season on all politicians

WTF? And then some

The Spoof has headlines from around the world

Everyone under the Sun is fair game

Left leaning political cartoons Gary Larson style

Right leaning politics

Comedy Central has Indecision

Jokes for any political scenario

Tea Party politics explained

That's a wrap up for the funny papers for this week. Check back soon to see if the movers and shakers of the world give us more to laugh at or just shake our heads in disbelief. One thing is certain, left or right wing political minds need to laugh.


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