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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mellencamp FOR Senate

Every politicians worst nightmare is to have a rock star ask them or be legally ordered to stop playing their music for their campaign. Wouldn’t you just love the campaign that John Cougar Mellencamp could run given some of his hot tunes? Indiana would be rocking down the “Little Pink Houses” for Mellencamp if he decides to run for the US Senate as a Democrat.

Grass root efforts on Facebook are under way and growing to open the doors wide for a draft of Mellencamp as a Democrat to run for the seat soon to be vacated by retiring Senator Evan Bayh. Mellencamp plays right into the common working man voting group and his activities with Farm Aid can’t hurt him with all the farm votes in the Midwest. Break out the campaign signs for “Our Country” and prop them up on the front lawns in the Hoosier State.

It’s only fitting that since the Democrats of Minnesota voted in Al Franken, the comedian, that the good folks of Indiana vote in somebody that can actually carry a sensible tune. No offense intended to Senator Orin Hatch of Utah that dabbles in the music industry.

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Log onto your Facebook account and sign yourself up as a fan. Next stop for Mr. Mellencamp is Washington DC.


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